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Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).



Once we begin to learn more about who we are, and how our surroundings reflect that, we begin to see our current position around those we are close to.

Have you ever thought about your parents and how they feel about you? I'm sure you have, but have you ever put yourself inside their head and seen yourself through their eyes? Not completely, maybe from your point of view you have, but never completely. There is a deep internal reason you have brought the people who are close to you in your life as close as they are. That also applies to the distant people who only flash in your mind once a day or even a week. They are all there for a definite reason.

Balance is the concept of reflection through the patterns of people you associate with. It is much like a painting. When you look at a painting you will notice that the different colors compliment each other and can create a wonderful balance (or should) and define the portrait as a whole. Well your life is similar to a painting in that respect. You bring the traits of the people around you towards yourself because that is the subconscious balance you want. Like the individual colors in a painting.

As we work through our troubles with ourselves or others, we are simply re-arranging the balance and even letting go of some colors that don't appear pretty to us anymore. That is perfect, it is completely normal and we've been doing it forever. It is part of our evolution and nothing is going to happen that you don't want to happen.

Once we let go of the illusions of time, space, and death, the expression of colors we experience on a day to day basis will be without limit.

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