Hello =)

Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


Whatever situation you're in is your purpose for that moment.

No matter how you feel, being aware of how you feel is in your best interest.

Whatever is bugging you is just a thought, and once you let that thought go, you've changed the world around you.

smooth out those edges that stick out like a soar thumb in your body and your mind. Relax and Feel good, those are your only obligations to yourself. It takes no effort and no time to do it.

Look for what you want in every day things, and let your idea of what you want grow with all the things you find. IF what you want lies in your future, you can fuel that future with thoughts of the present, so you pretty much can't go wrong. Contrary to what we've thought before.

Once we've reached a more obvious point of awareness, we will see how life has always been this way, but our minds were very filled with egoic thoughts that didn't give us much of a break. Now we are aware of what happens on the inside is always good and what happens on the outside are the thoughts we can choose to keep or to let go. Either way, what happens in this moment is the best situation to lead to what you want...always. You pretty much have it already.


Let it build up.

There is the thought, the physical and everything in between. Everything started with a thought and made its way to the physical (which is what you are experiencing now.)

When you have a thought that you like, trust that one day and even today that it will be in your physical presence. Let it be a feeling that your body positively reacts to, and let it be as magnificent as you want it to be. Fuel it with other ideas, and just know that even if you have doubts, they don't mean anything, they won't slow down your happiness.

Everything started with just a thought at one point. You will notice how in small ways it will work its way to your life, and when you truly are ready to accept it, it will be there. How can you be ready faster? Just accept this moment for all that's wonderful about it and be enthusiastic that IT is coming. It might as well already be here.


What you are.

To preface this let me explain the reason behind some of my more emotionally intense blogs...I feel it is important for myself as well as others to dig up things that they consider to be inevitable and completely awful. If I could start by saying things that match that way of thinking, those thoughts will rise to the surface as a thought and not a reality. In your reality you will be thinking those thoughts, but not experiencing them, and as you probably know by now, if you were to be experiencing them, it wouldn't be that bad because your reality is not trying to hurt you. You would just be giving yourself the chance to let go of them by looking at them face to face and saying, "I have no use for you."

So, what are you? What am I? These composed ideas of who we think we are could go on forever since a single thought can turn into a million things in an instant. With that the better question would be, what do I do with all this? With what I have, and who I think I am, what is the next step?

To be able to break things down to a simple level is not the same as breaking something down to nothing and leaving it empty and hollow. That is what form identification is, making the meaning in things hollow by simply referring to a thing just for the sake of referring to the thing. Before you try to do something, think about what it is you want to achieve by doing so and realistically seeing how you will achieve it by doing so.
Before you know it, you will be doing it. Before you are even fully aware of it, your thoughts, fueled by a powerful vision in your mind, will find the space that it needs to do it for you. Life will be living itself through you.

We have been so mesmerized by the past and the objects feelings and thoughts around us that we can't step back to see that we've been creating it all. So breathe in as the ocean pulls back from shore and exhale as the ocean hits the beach and repeat that cycle as space fills your life and paves the way for you through all these things. The path that you really want.



Alright. When we can joke about any subject matter, Everything turns into something good and anything your mind picks up as harmful or negative is simply a figment of the imagination and is more deeply explorable.

The dark side of the imagination is often a place that we stay clear of for fear that we may become entangled in those thoughts. In reality, bringing your mind closer to them is simply understanding what makes you unhappy and why it is happening.

Unhappiness is a good thing, actually. There is nothing wrong with it, and when we are unhappy if all we could say is..."yeah, and so what?" that is what would move us farther away from taking our Ego or the "I am" too seriously.

Just because you are unhappy, it doesn't mean good things aren't happening to you, it just means your thoughts are overtaking the space that we are better off with in our everyday lives. It just means a negative thought has reached too much momentum for you to shake it off as just a thought, either that or you are directly worried about a thought that you had once becoming something real.

Everything you experience is just a thought of your world. So in that sense, nothing is more real than anything else. However, we are so powerful and so in control of what happens to us that sometimes we wonder if we are going in the right direction. The answer is that you are, you can't go in a wrong direction with your life.

IF you feel negative during the day, become aware of what you are doing at that moment. If you realize thoughts are causing negativity, you probably should take a moment to breathe and to put a gap in between your thoughts. If what you are doing is the cause, then you probably should stop doing it unless you think you could accept it or are having to do it.



Being able to understand that someone else hurt you is important if that is the way it seems to you. If you identify a pain as external, you probably shouldn't assume it's coming from inside at first, but instead look at the pain from different angles.

All pain comes from a resistance from inside yourself, true, but there is an appearance of that pain that makes that pain seem real. First there is a wanting inside yourself to see an action of another be hurtful to you. For example, in a relationship when a partner is unfaithful to another partner there is an assumption that the action of the unfaithful partner was to hurt the other. It is likely and very true that we've all experienced pain by someone doing something to us and it is important to show ourselves that that was how it happened then.

Ok so someone hurt you, but what good does it do to continue on with a pain that only incapacitates you? If you are so convinced that continuing to hurt from an event is what will allow you to feel better, then do so. If you feel that you can't release yourself from that pain, there is a resistance that should be dealt with.

The importance of identifying is the idea of going into your past to see what is bothering you now and reconstructing what happened. No matter how you see it just being aware that you don't have to be unhappy about something in your past. Just be aware that you shouldn't be handicapped by it now to do something you very much desire to do.

So with that in mind, lets take a deeper look. If an event that occurred in the past is just your way of looking at that event and there are other ways of seeing how that event actually was, then don't you pretty much create everything? If you create your own perception of life, which is life from your perception, then lets work on creating a perception that we want. If what you desire is conflict and anger, then let it be so, but be aware that you are creating it, not the other. There is no "Other."

On a different note:


This was an interesting thing I ran into the other day. When one realizes that they have created their entire life from the beginning and saw what tragic or undesired events they've gone through, I could imagine there would be some fear of Future similar events.

Here are my words of comfort on this matter. There is no certainty of what WILL happen, and that's a little scary I suppose. I, however find it relieving to know that I can change my life significantly just because the future is open to my decision. There is no repeating cycle of life and so that proves to us that up to this point we've been pretty good to ourselves for what we've wanted to see happen. Even against all the odds which we thought existed we still managed to pull through in the times we thought we needed to.
Now, we are dealing with this new found treasure and that is space. With space we've pushed ourselves away from the continuous normal state of mind and gone beyond ourselves to see what we are capable of. This is scary because in this never-before seen place we may think we will encounter unwanted experiences and because of this we may think we will be in more danger than before.
The only difference between now and before is this:
We have more deliberate command over our lives, and we are aware that we are always safe no matter what. No matter what, even if you die, even if no one seems to love you. Is that what you are going to wake up to tomorrow? Is that what you are going to experience in the next few seconds? Just give your thoughts a break and lose yourself.
Lose yourself in the moment of now and you will find yourself a little bit more.