Hello =)

Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


Let it build up.

There is the thought, the physical and everything in between. Everything started with a thought and made its way to the physical (which is what you are experiencing now.)

When you have a thought that you like, trust that one day and even today that it will be in your physical presence. Let it be a feeling that your body positively reacts to, and let it be as magnificent as you want it to be. Fuel it with other ideas, and just know that even if you have doubts, they don't mean anything, they won't slow down your happiness.

Everything started with just a thought at one point. You will notice how in small ways it will work its way to your life, and when you truly are ready to accept it, it will be there. How can you be ready faster? Just accept this moment for all that's wonderful about it and be enthusiastic that IT is coming. It might as well already be here.

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