Hello =)

Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


Useful ideas

There is no limit to the concepts your brain can hold and attach to your environment. There will be a point where our focus is our only "concern" and our greatest ability. Our focus allows us to live because what we are experiencing in this moment is what we are focusing on. It is relieving to be able to focus and everyone is able to do it (All those who have been diagnosed with A.D.D. have been lied to, trust me, I'm a doctor.)

So, with new concepts that we can literally live inside, our only tools for life that I can identify at this time are a willingness to put ourselves into a comfortable open mindedness, and depth we can put into each thought we want to experience. The longer and the more we put ourselves into each individual thought, the stronger it becomes. You can leave a thought and come back to it at any point in its development, I recommend you just think of it like your own creation. Feed it, and it will grow. smile at it and it will smile back with a life of its own.

To put it simply, what you do physically is your thought. When you are making coffee, you are thinking you are making coffee. What we as humans tend to do is over-complicate each situation by letting our mind wander away from the task we are trying to achieve. You'd be surprised the amount of emotional depth in making a cup of coffee. It can make your day.

What we do in each moment is perfect and the more we focus on what our physical body is doing and trying to achieve, the greater our thoughts are connected to our physical body and our environment.

An example of this is walking. We as humans totally take walking for granted, but it can be an uplifting experience. I notice that people have a hiccup in their step because it's like they are too busy focusing on other things. When you gently roll your feet, and use your knees as shock absorbers, walking becomes really, really cool. When you experience something as simple as that in a cool way, it is pure joy.

Have you ever wanted to fly? Can you imagine yourself flying? That's literally all it takes to fly. Personally, I think it would be bad ass to fly. So, when I referred to attaching the focus of your thoughts onto what your physical body is doing and what your physical surroundings are, I mean associating your physical self with your thoughts. When you attach your subconscious (the imagination of flying) and the conscious (your body, and physical surroundings) mind together, you are there.

It's interesting to think about what we individually believe, because everything we accept as a fact has exceptions. Every exception has an infinite amount of scenarios to exist in, and therefore, the exception has become a fact of its own. It's like a cycle.

Our earth as a whole is slowly but surely realizing there is no one answer to things. This, for me, to begin with was very scary and I felt afraid of what "could" happen because of the chaos in uncertainty. Now, I realize it is not uncertainty but just my own individual focus on worrying. This whole process of treading new ground and living in paradise is the 5th and 6th dimension of consciousness. The two energies of subconsciousness and consciousness will be dancing around each other and increasing in velocity until they are completely meshed together.

It is coming. It's going to be awesome.


looking inside is a perfect explanation for what is happening outside.


building your life up

Part of learning what I want includes the experience of what I do not want right now.

I am experiencing things that I do not favor in my life. It is encouraging to see that I still have room to change things that in result will make me happier. It can be anything. Relationships are the main thing we as humans struggle with and each individual person in your life has a better side to them than you now picture them to be. You can indefinitely experience that better side by just bringing it out of them and letting them bring a better side out of you. It just takes one of you to let that happen.

How does that happen? well first, it's about talking slowly and letting your words mean what you want them to mean. When you assume the person understood what you were saying, they will appear to and you have reset your current position with that person.

Now that we realize we have complete control over what we experience, we also know that in order to get from point A (without the knowing) to point B (to complete knowing) we will be slowly working our way there and learning things about ourselves every step of the way.

As you see more things you want to experience unfolding before you, it will be like looking at a mirror. You are literally looking at what you prefer as an individual.

Remember you don't have to have control over your life, you are the pilot. Every person and every thing in your life is there for a reason, and giving that reason a brighter light or even a replacement never hurt anything.

If you ever experience something you don't want to, and you think, 'I thought I had control'...you do...you also have an infinite amount of options on how you want to respond to that situation and that response will push you in the direction of more and more control. More of what you want. Remember that everything is positive in the light you choose to give it.


Know that what "needs" to be done is already done. Know that all that you want has been heard by that invisible force and it does not need to be asked twice to give you what you want. This force is the universe, and although it may be really damn old, it does not require hearing aids to communicate to hear you the first time. So, speak to it and it will hear.

Understand that getting what you want will always be the universe's response in the conversation. Seeing your world brighten up in every aspect you imagine is its response. However, you wont let it respond unless you stop wanting and just listen for it. Meditating is perfect for this.

Oh, by the way, there is enough room for any want that you have to be fulfilled. There is an infinite abundance of everything on every subject to be imagined. It's all yours, mine, and everyone else's. You don't even have to share. Just do what you want. Everyone will applaud you for it.




An intriguing viewpoint of our consciousness.

Quotes of the day

"People who seek retirement grow old
People who seek enlightenment grow wiser
People who seek nothing grow lighter
Seek and ye shall find." -Article 1 (http://users.ritternet.com/jobrien/desc.html)

"We are just like our enemies. We are always coming up with clever ways to eliminate the other." -Groucho Marx

"All things-whether you determine that they are good or bad-are just the next logical steps from where you are currently standing."-Abraham Hicks

"All one in the same we share this planet together, and as a race we look for happiness and love. If what we desire can be found right in front us, why is it we choose to struggle for it?" -Liam Bronkar

More brilliance


If you have been experiencing unexplained physical discomfort, this particular page will describe it in depth.

It's overall a much more optimistic true angle of interpreting what's happening in your body. And I have two more to add to the list of the web page.

Coughing of the lungs is you releasing pain from your past by literally letting it out.
Coughing of the throat means that you are in a position to realize your own truth or speak it to those who may or may not be aware of it.




All that is meant by the term synthesis is the idea that everything is connected and we should see all things as "one." It's basically like looking at the big picture.

If you can relate two completely unrelated things together in your mind, it simplifies and complicates the meaning of the similarity between them. What I mean by that is, the new meaning of the object now is unknown and therefore it opens up more possibilities of what the object's value or purpose might be (which can be anything your mind attaches itself to.)

When I refer to object, I mean ANYTHING.

When something happens and we are sure of it, that is a belief that it is there. If experiencing something is in fact believing, then your beliefs are in fact what you experience.

For instance if two people saw a tree in front of them, they believe it is there. The belief is the experience.

And you might say, "well duh, if the tree is there, it's there. End of story."

And I might say "Well, duh, you are right. It obviously can be there, because it is, but you haven't quite recognized the fact that it can also not be there too. You just aren't believing it yet."

If cancer is in our world, we obviously believe it is. If terrorism exists in the this world, we obviously believe it does. I'm not telling anyone those things don't exist but realize they exist because of our beliefs.

An idea about dreams...

Lets just say our dreams show us experiences that "make no sense" but we can understand them while we're still asleep. Lets just also say that when you are awake, the experience you go through makes sense while you are experiencing it but once you are sleeping it doesn't.

Isn't it strange that both experience can be considered real? Using circular reasoning I can see that dreams are just as "real" as our conscious self.

Delta sleep tapes and meditation tapes wake up the brainwaves that allow dreams to be understood through conscious thoughts. They open up this brainwave called alpha waves, and it essentially allows this synthesis of conscious and subconscious.

Now my theory is this...both conscious and subconscious thoughts are equally important because one holds your hidden emotions and one allows you to function in the world that seems more real. When you combine the two of these, you are completely aware of the self (which is everything we are experiencing.)


I can see forever

One thing to keep in mind is that we are also experiencing our sadness in relation to our happiness at the same time. When you feel overjoyed, your sadness hasn't left, You are just experiencing it as positive energy. We dance to the vibes of all of our emotions and experiences simultaneously. Always.

Find your truth and reach out to it, you will experience it regardless.

Well done, Bob.

Rebalance (Fight Back)

Once you see some of the energy around you is not complimentary to you, please do not hesitate to react to it the way you will. If separation is what is best, let it be so. If a rebalanced communication was the only thing necessary to fix a misunderstanding, then that's beautiful.

I'm not here telling you what is, I'm here telling you what isn't anymore. Your opinions and your visions are beautiful, and what isn't is the idea that they aren't.
That idea has been our only enemy and that enemy is not formidable or worth your time. It is now a cast-away belief. Separation from that belief is here.


I love you, and I hate you. Tell me what that means to you.

We rise with our negativity.

History is changed

We can change the past because that is what we call the present. The reason the past isn't here anymore is because it was never there, the only thing that is here is now. This wonderful now.


yes (part 2)

Once your mind is opened to the point of experiencing what you want, simply through thought, you will see the powerful control you have over your entire life. Sometimes it may feel like you are simply watching yourself do things as apposed to having to "focus" on what you are doing. You may find that your mind is moving in different directions, and that now, it seems like everything is just in your head. Everything.

That's o.k. because at the same time it is not. Everything is very real, and very concrete as well, and seeing that at the same time allows this perfect synthesis of mind and matter. It allows you to experience your thoughts to levels we've hardly imagined.

Once you go through the process of figuring out if you are within the boundaries of what is appropriate, you realize that nothing is improper. You clearly see that those boundaries were never really there. And then you ask yourself, why did I even question my own thought to begin with?
That's because we are giving up beliefs still, we are still draining ourselves of all that is related to evil, unworthiness, sadness, pain, and death. They are not us, so why concern ourselves with it? There's no one out there that can truly fit those descriptions either, all wrong is simply this false appearance...This untruthful label.

You are not a bad person, ever. If you feel like anyone is trying to call you a bad person, remember that YOU are seeing them tell you that. No one is trying to tell you that you are a bad person. To see them say that is just an appearance of what they are actually trying get across to you. If anyone is literally calling you a bad person, that is just their way of trying to actually tell you something else. Figure out what IT is and you will realize they didn't literally mean what they said.

If you ever feel like a bad person, that is depression. Depression is not even that bad either, and it will become a non recurring element of our lives as we heal. We can literally live in what we want, exactly the way we want it, just by looking at our ego with an open mind. Our "reputation."

When we just think about how we are going to achieve what we want, and not the "negative" side of it happening, we are literally showing ourselves that what we want is good. In fact, it is absolutely perfect.

with love,


The problem with planning things is that, well, you spend your entire time attempting to visualize how you want the end result of your efforts to look.

When you think about something that you want in your life, don't try to picture exactly what it will look like down to the very last detail. Just think about the feeling you get from the visualization of IT happening and what you are currently doing to experience that feeling.

When we commit ourselves to attempting to achieve what we will want with a completely open mind, we achieve what we want, down to the very last detail.


Old worries

Things will continue through a cycle.

Your negativity will recycle itself through your consciousness, mostly just to inform you it is no threat.

If you just allow yourself to think the thoughts you want to think, you are just treading more ground you've never been present on before and that provides only newer ideas. New experiences.

Newer ideas give you new ways of living and ways of laughing yourself into tears of what scared you before.

Once you aren't afraid to die, you aren't afraid to live. Just sayin.

Simplifing, and slowing things down

Circular reasoning is the basis of one argument used in an infinite amount of perspectives to see if it "makes sense" in one area as much as another. Since we know that our realities can be anything, anything can "make sense." In fact all that it takes for things to make sense is to experience them. What we experience right now makes sense. Concepts (like gravity) aren't just there because you understand them, they've always been there as a perspective and you are just experiencing them now. They exist as much as they do not. Because either way (with or without gravity) it makes sense.

You need your car to get to work. A lot of people are experiencing that concept as truth, because that is what they see on a day to day basis. They should also keep in mind that there are an infinite amount of ways to get to work, and we are now just experiencing the car as our way. If You just tried to come to the understanding of how maybe a tree could get you to work, I'm telling you, it is possible. No idea is crazy. That's why we aren't cavemen, but also why we are.

If someone walked up to you and said, "I can fly, you wanna see?" what would your initial reaction be? It makes sense somehow. If you see the person as being flat out crazy, that's the reaction you are choosing to have, and it is completely fine. Just remember that they will see you the way you see them, and you'd might as well give them a shot.

Now, to see how that all makes sense, just simplify things in your mind. By now, negativity is not as much as a problem as it used to be, so you shouldn't feel too much of a rush to get from one part of life to the next because we know that next part of life isn't going to run away from us. In fact it is always running at us in full sprint. Take a minute to stretch in between things or yawn. When you talk to someone just take your time in responding, the conversation isn't going to run away.


Confrontation, Visualization, Realization

Confrontation is important. It's more about reassurance, really. Whenever you have a bad feeling or pain, just confront it, just think about IT. It isn't really a big deal. It's not real.

The minute you even realize a fear is there, you are already healed of it. Sometimes the healing process is a bit bumpy because we don't completely believe it or see it better "right then." This process of healing is simply the process of seeing ourselves better and yes, right now this process is not going to be immediate.

Remember that saying? Practice makes perfect. That is the key. Does it mean you wont be able to access your greater abilities immediately? Absolutely not, but please remember that discouragement is normal, and once we get past that stage, it only gets easier.

Now, You have intention to see certain things change, right? I'm sure you are asking how you can watch them happen much faster, right?

Imagine you are in a boat, off of shore, and you are headed to the shore where your intentions lie, waiting to be experienced. Pretty simple to visualize right? I'm sure that just by reading that sentence they were very visual in your head.
Well, now just picture you have an oar which will bring you closer to that island.

Close your eyes, and see yourself rowing to that shore. The water is calm and still, and there is a breeze at your back pushing you forward.

This visualization will put you there. Right where you want to be. There's no need for any doubts, this is the future, you and your happiness. Share this happiness with the world and I mean it to the bottom of my heart, it will show it back. It always does, and always has.



Once we begin to learn more about who we are, and how our surroundings reflect that, we begin to see our current position around those we are close to.

Have you ever thought about your parents and how they feel about you? I'm sure you have, but have you ever put yourself inside their head and seen yourself through their eyes? Not completely, maybe from your point of view you have, but never completely. There is a deep internal reason you have brought the people who are close to you in your life as close as they are. That also applies to the distant people who only flash in your mind once a day or even a week. They are all there for a definite reason.

Balance is the concept of reflection through the patterns of people you associate with. It is much like a painting. When you look at a painting you will notice that the different colors compliment each other and can create a wonderful balance (or should) and define the portrait as a whole. Well your life is similar to a painting in that respect. You bring the traits of the people around you towards yourself because that is the subconscious balance you want. Like the individual colors in a painting.

As we work through our troubles with ourselves or others, we are simply re-arranging the balance and even letting go of some colors that don't appear pretty to us anymore. That is perfect, it is completely normal and we've been doing it forever. It is part of our evolution and nothing is going to happen that you don't want to happen.

Once we let go of the illusions of time, space, and death, the expression of colors we experience on a day to day basis will be without limit.

watch the weather change

One thing we as humans do is wait to see if something bad happens. We always want to see if something fails, or if a day goes by and something isn't fixed. Look more at what is going right. So much happens on a day to day basis even when those days may be had in isolation, or sadness. Those days are to our benefit now, unlike we used to see them. Those days are good and function as amazing contrasts to the days where Everything goes perfectly. We want a little fluctuation and as we raise higher and higher in our consciousness and our emotional spectrum, sadness and pain will have much more optimistic definitions to ourselves as individuals.

No matter where you live on this planet pain and sadness are sure to happen at some point, and they are not bad. We actually want those two things because once we push through them, we are happier, stronger people.


Just a reminder

This life is yours, and only yours. No one has control over you, and no one is making you do anything you don't want to do. Even if all seems horrible right now, and even if things may not be working out completely the way you want them to, that reality is right around the corner now. At this point, there is no way to stop it. On top of that, just picture everything that you've been through, everything that you know, every feeling you've ever had. That's all from you =).

Isn't that so wonderful? Doesn't that just make you feel warm inside?
Each and every little thing that enters your mind; that's yours to keep and store in the infinite amount of room your mind has for expanding your imagination. None of it is wrong and none of it is bad, it just is, and you are attached emotionally in an infinite amount of ways to each individual thing.

We will wake up and realize that this all makes sense, and that we've always been loving. We've always shared everything wonderful we have now, and are continuing to find more wonderful things that we can all relate to. Keep saying what you want to say and doing what you want to do. You can't do it wrong.

-If only that was said on the news.


making something happen only takes a thought or an intention to do so, and once you've thought it, it has happened. That's all it takes.


Just because something is said on TV through a "reliable network", doesn't mean it is true. In fact the media along with authority have been really good at keeping us concerned and worried about things that really don't affect us. I don't mean to suggest we are to be ignorant, but once again, how much reliability can we put into a station that may, for all we know, say things just because they want to.

We as individuals have to help ourselves before we can pretend to care about other people. Through the negativity of the media we are convinced that all these negative things are happening around the world and that we should all worry and see that the negative event is in fact occurring. What good is that doing? I would think that based on the power of our minds that would reinforce the negative situation and not a solution. When we hear of something terrible, we cannot react and see it is terrible unless that is our choice to do so. React with the intention to see a better outlook than what your first impression gave you. Just intend to hear things one way and come to a better conclusion than what you first interpreted. That is how things are fixed and the intention to fix those things are manifested.

If you believe that by watching media and seeing a better side of the situation will not work, then why do you watch the news? Are you just...waiting for things to get better?

My own overview of the world is that things are finally changing, people are starting to see what makes them happy, and we can leave all the worries behind. They aren't real. It's all just horseshit, that's what it was from the beginning.


I intend that I relieve myself of my cough momentarily because I am healed and I no longer need to cough. I am healed.

I intend that what I hear, I use it as evidence towards seeing and questioning what I want.

I intend that I take nothing personally because I understand the intention of others.

I intend that I give myself the benefit of the doubt and the time to solve each answer one step at a time


The fact is that I love you

We as human beings are so loving and caring and we truly want to see ourselves turn our hopes into reality. There is no question that the "better" way you see yourself in relation to other people is more there than you think right now. You are so close you can practically feel their breath on the back of your neck. You can feel their heart beating with yours. That is the basis, now all we have to do is build from here where you want to see yourself with those other people, because they want to see it too. both of you just have a hard time giving up the urge to not express the inner joy you both have for each other because you think you can't or shouldn't. A fact is that once you say to another person what you want them to hear, they will do the same for you.

It's so there, it's so real, I think we don't really realize how real it is.

The past, Fears, and your (my) negativity.

Every time you look back at your past and think about all the bad things that have happened to you, doesn't the appearance of what happened to you get in the way of your vision? The struggle we currently have exists in the fact that our vision still doesn't seem as real as our sadness and our struggles. I could write all day in this blog until my fingers fall off about how wonderful life is and how interconnected and real all of the wonderful things are...The fact is we look back in our past as if it is happening right now, and in a sense it is because the feeling of "then" is trying to push the wonderful feeling of "now" off the cliff.

As you reanalyze what you've been through in more of a symbolic or mental way as opposed to what the negative feeling you have from the concrete version of seeing your past, you literally take that negative energy which can be pictured as knots in your body out in front of yourself and untangle them piece by piece. As you do this, you will get reassurance through your own intention to feel lighter and the appearance of it in front of you. You will literally see and accept what used to make you unhappy by giving yourself a better of looking at it. Base your better way of looking at it on what other people say to you, because what people are saying is the way you are taking it, and the way you are taking it comes from you. Basically that translates into the fact that what you hear from other people is what you are telling yourself.

Your "past" is truly any negative feeling you have "right now." You can look straight at all your fears in the face and just accept them; look at them differently because that is your right, that is your choice, and there's always a better way of looking at it. You went through them, that's good, it's good you are facing your fear of experiencing it, was it all that bad? Do you feel bad now? It's not happening right now. In fact as you read this, all those bad feelings are literally uncoiling themselves in your body and you are feeling lighter. Your past is your past and it isn't real because what is real is happening right now.

You inform yourself of what is happening now because that is what proves you have control and nothing is external, it is your way of looking at it. Just yours, only yours, and nothing "external" can tell you otherwise. Your past is your friend and should not make you feel terrible, it is here to inform you to pay attention to what you believe.

Isn't it interesting that your fears aren't a part of what is going on right now? Isn't it interesting that you are also very afraid of what you are not doing as much as what might "happen to you."

As you dip your cup into your own darkness through the mediums I listed in the blog below (or any way you see fit) and take them in one sip at a time, you will realize that you are doing what you need, want, and you cannot be doing it wrong. there is nothing to be afraid of, and since we see death in our mind, (in our past) we think there is a possibility we will continue to see it, and that possibility in our own minds is the possibility of it happening. Even if it did happen, aren't you here right now?

Where you are is good, and what you are doing to deal with this negativity is good, you can't do it wrong and it only gets easier from this point on. What you knew to be true is the belief and what you know to be true is the reality. Questions are the perfect answer to breaking down your beliefs (your past.)

Remember that if you are ever told you are wrong, that is the way you are hearing it. You are experiencing these wonderful things you envision, We as humans are very skittish to push past the beliefs of before because we are afraid of change. The thing is change cannot be stopped and change is what separates you from your past and brings you closer to it. What you feel and think is what other people feel and think. The more you wriggle your way through the illusion that this is not true, the more you will realize the beauty of what you share with everyone as well as the fears of the past we all are doing better without.

For example, if you hear from bob and he says, "Jane died last week," you can assume in your own mind (my mind) that he meant Jane's body is no longer functioning and her heart rate is stopped, but that is your assumption (my assumption) from what Bob is saying, so in a way you are assuming he meant Exhibit A when he, in respect is trying to push forward the idea of Exhibit B, which actually means Jane is very much alive and is doing what she wants as we speak. See, we can change how we look at things, because that is what we see. Bob, is living in Exhibit B, while you are living in exhibit A (which is basically an assumption of events of the past.)

The thing as human beings is that we are very stubborn to give up beliefs. One of the beliefs we continually deal with is the one that everything is external and we have no control over anything, another is that we do have control and we are constantly doing terrible things to ourselves. Neither of them are true, no one wants them to be true, and so they aren't true.

It's all up to you. Your visions are real as the car you drive everyday or the warm clothes you put on everyday because they are your vision as well. Remember that if you have a vision in your head that hasn't manifested itself or at least hasn't appeared to manifest itself, it is in fact manifesting and you are going to see more and more of it. Once you get there, you will realize that it was always there and you never really had to wait. That's why your life flashes before your eyes before you "die" Everything is happening all at once (Past, Present, Future) and the beauty of life is that you get to slow that down and watch it all happen. Experience every moment in detail for as long as you want.

That's why I urge you (myself), as well as myself (you) to give up that anyone (yourself) is going to call you crazy for what you (I) believe. When you turn the You into I, you come up with some pretty interesting things. When you see that no one is accusing you, and no one is rejecting you, that reality will be there for you. Dealing with the negative side that those things may happen helps you connect and establish what is true for you (I) in the now and what is not. Just share thoughts with others (yourself) and you(I) will see that we all feel the same and we, as a community (as an individual), are letting go of our (my) fears.

The negative side of things

When you are faced with your own negativity, you begin to deal with it in your surroundings too. For those of us who say to ourselves "I will accept this and grow from it", good job, that is not the easiest thing in the world to do. For those of us who want to deny our own feelings, that's a much more difficult road to ride on.

How do you accept this negativity and grow from it? Well there are many calming ways and many not so calm ways to release the tension that's inside you and they all push you farther towards a greater happiness that you've never felt before.

Scream Therapy-Just stand where you are alone, or even with other people and just scream what is in your mind and don't even give a shit about what comes out. A lot of what comes out will be that tension you bottled up long ago. Some people tend to think, "well, shouldn't you deal with your problems in a calm manner?" Nah, just do what feels right, because you can't be wrong.

Music-A very great way to feel the tension inside you untangle itself from all the places it had clung so closely to you. Any music that you enjoy will work.

Writing-Just write it out. Anywhere from a calm writing that reassures you that everything that you've been through before has gotten you to this point, to an angry writing where the paper is covered in curse words and nonsense are both very effective.

Sickness-If you currently feel ill like I do, then just imagine the sickness being your medium to all the feelings you bottled up. You are not trying to fight against the sickness, the sickness is a direct link with your inner feelings and is a physical medium for dealing with them. If you feel very sick, do not worry, you were made for this.

Remember that you are constantly working through your negativity when you are dealing with your own darkness. Your own darkness is not bad as it shows you how to deal with the darkness in other people.



Agreement is what confirms a reality between people. If two a people agree there is a tree in front of themselves, it is there, and they both see it.

If you were to look at it from the perspective of the tree always being there, and the two people coming into contact with the tree, then you can say that from the perspective of the two people that tree didn't exist until they saw it. It was real once they saw it.

Since our five senses give us the proof to know something exists and we experience things by bringing experiences to ourselves (my point of view), you can come to the conclusion that you don't know everything, and that opens up the pathways to know more of what you haven't brought to yourself yet - just like those two brought the tree to themselves to experience and agreed upon it.

To know is not about finding "the answer." Once you realize that everything is infinite, there is no "one" answer, and that coincides with us giving up beliefs (answers) that don't work for us anymore. To know is very centralized around asking questions, and that is what school fails to teach children.

In school, we are taught that there is one answer and you should memorize that answer. Or you fail. If you memorize it very well, you will get an A. Then there D's C's and B's for the in between correct memorization. When they look for a particular answer, we aren't learning anything - we are just memorizing. How often are we inspired by the art of memorization, when what we are memorizing has our own individual meaning regardless of how they want us to see it?

Good questions are more important than right answers.

For example, with the tree. When you look at a tree, you see that it is a tree. Ok, what else could it be? When you say nothing else, you are right, just as much as someone who says it's a living, breathing thing that has very deep connections with its surroundings. Just as much as someone who says it is a hard boiled egg, because remember, "tree" is just a word, "hard-boiled egg" are just words and their definitions that are "official" may not necessarily describe the "tree" or "hard-boiled egg" you are encountering in your own experience.

It's your experience. Ask yourself questions - you are a great teacher of yourself. Once you agree on an answer with yourself, or those around you, it solidifies into a reality that is in fact concrete like the things you touch and see and smell. What do you want to experience?

Just ask yourself.



Now I know we are all very consciously worried about our own well being, which does include your physical well being.

The way I look at it is this: I'm not dead, so, I can get up and do whatever I want if I see it is possible. Why limit myself with a worry that is far away from where I want to see myself?

If you are in pain, it may seem otherwise, but it's really not. In the blog below I discussed time being an illusion, and since we have complete control over the perception of "time", we can also perceive the pain that is currently here being gone in a "second." It's just pain - it's not bad - your body is reacting to something that it finds to be an interloper, and if you can mentally make that connection, your body will go through the process much quicker.

My way of looking at it: there are no interlopers, I bring everything I experience to myself for a reason, and I always grow from each experience.

I just made the connection between an emotion and physical pain, because to me they are the same. In my everyday life, whenever I feel a physical discomfort, I realize that something is bothering me, and I should confront it because there are no backwards steps. I can only grow and there's really nothing to be afraid of.

I'm still alive, I'm still breathing, and I'm happy.

Now, when you are educated in health, they are not trying to scare you. In my experience, I really had to force my brain to distance myself from all the negativity involved in the class and that was not comfortable for me. I had to distinguish myself from all the "victims of cancer."

But another thing I realized was in health, people are often grouped into one category along with everyone else when really, every single individual experience with "disease" is different.

You can distinguish yourself from all the "victims of cancer" because you are not like them - you are your own individual. So, if your lungs hurt for instance, don't worry that you have "cancer." Cancer is just a word meant to define a large group of people when really the only way that can work if the definition is ambiguous (no particular meaning.) Stress and focus concentrated on the existence of a pain will allow that pain to grow in your mind. If you are scared of your own pain, confront it for yourself, or even ask the opinion of those around you.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed bumps on the back of my tongue, and you know with all the "diseases" that exist, that could fit into a lot of definitions of a physical deformity. I showed my mom and she said, "You are fine. I've had them too for my whole life, and they haven't been a problem."

If your parent is constantly worried about your well being, you probably shouldn't tell them, because they will probably reinforce your own worries, and agreement of something "bad" will make that reality seem more real. Just find someone who is relaxing, calming, and will tell you that you are fine. They aren't lying, if you chose to feel fine, you will be, and never doubt that. Allow yourself to see yourself in a better state of physical being and you will be.

We don't really give our bodies enough credit. They are amazing at defeating anything that is a "threat" to us, so why worry about things that could go wrong, when we could smile at all the things that ARE going right?

Make the choice to decide where you are in your healthful lifestyle. No doctor can tell you how you actually feel when you are feeling it yourself.

Pertussis, like swine flu, is an extension of our beliefs and our emotion. I have been coughing, yet I feel fine. I go out and run and do things like anybody else, but I just currently fit into the definition of having Pertussis. In my own experience with what I'm allowing to inform myself about, I'm really just relieving stress through my coughing. Every time I cough, I feel better, and I am better.

See, I just made an association with my pain which makes sense to me, and because I believe it, I essentially am experiencing it.


Time, another illusion

Now, with the infinity concept of everything being infinite, space works the same as time. If you were to divide a second into an infinite amount of pieces, you'd have an infinite amount of time, correct? Well, the fact of the matter is that a second of time can theoretically fit an infinite amount of events into it as well.

You know when 5 minutes goes by and it feels like 30 minutes? And where 30 minutes goes by and it feels like 5? well the way you are feeling it, is the way it is. Isn't that feeling dictating what the experience was to you?

You've used the expression, "god, that took forever," or something of the sort and when you look back at the experience, that was the way it was.

Time is just an illusion, and to keep track of it by splitting it evenly up has caused nothing but frustration and worry among all of us.

You know when you are doing something you really love to do and you never feel like you have enough time? My suggestion is, just forget about the time, just focus on what you are doing, when you are done with that activity, just stop. It will always end when you want it to, and there's no need to worry about getting late anywhere.

You will get there on time ;).


we can make the sun shine

Your body is light, and you are eternal.
The sunshine comes from inside yourself for everyone else to see.
You aren't waiting to see someone else be amazing and do everything,
you are really just waiting for a perfect moment to show your
inner vision, and there's no better time than right this instant.



Uncertainty is common, and will become less common as we (those who trust in themselves) unfold more in their own reality about how they are right. Just keep looking, and go forth with the decisions you want to make and the things you want to say, just the way you want to do and say them. Pump yourself up, feel your heart beat faster, and go for it because you can't be wrong and only good will come out of your intentions.

Intention-pure as we begin. (Tool)
Human beings are very abstract despite the concrete appearance we all show. Feelings are just as easily seen as our bodies. Happiness is literally just as much a thing as your own body. That is the concept behind everything just being energy, we can make thoughts appear right in front of us.

When you have a scary thought, it is not going to "appear" in front of you. That is because it is not desired. Your mind is always your friend, don't fight it, or worry that it will "play tricks on you."

Once you begin to open your mind's eye for the first time, memories from the past that seemed meaningless will suddenly rise to the surface. They will start to piece together a better picture of your path so far and give you comforting reassurance.


Picture yourself

Everything is perfect, even if it may not seem so, you are still able to imagine yourself in your own perfect state. Where is that perfect state? Is it a place, a song, or just a thought? What if you could be there, just by thinking?

As we begin to simplify things for ourselves, we begin to reroute what realities we held precious to us before we had to give them up. Once you are again set on a path that is meaningful to you, only good can come out of it, and only perfection will exist. Never question yourself, you have the answers for yourself, just do what you know to be true and learn things from others along the way. People will share those realities with you on a stronger level than we have been predisposed to before.

Just look and see that you are going in the right direction, the obviousness of its nature is evident. Looking and seeing are all you have to do.

Intention, Mediums, and Meditation

We intend that by eating food (a medium), we are full.
We intend that by using fertilizer (a medium), the grass will grow.
We intend that by putting on a jacket (a medium), we will be warm.

Our intentions are powerful - they make things happen in ways we take for granted.

There was a study where two groups of people were tested to see the power of the mind.

The study consisted of 2 groups of people and both groups of people felt ill.

One group was given placebo pills and were told it was medicine, and the other group were given real medicine. Both groups experienced similar healing effects from the medicine, or so they thought. The intention of being healed by the pills (the mediums) manifested itself because they believed it would happen, and it did.

Do you realize that your intention makes things happen? Theoretically, if I intend that by blinking my eyes, I will make myself warmer, I can. I may not completely believe it because my mind associates a sweatshirt with warmth more so than blinking my eyes, but it is possible. Intention never fails unless it is surrounded by doubt.

Meditation is what will allow us to master the usage of endless mediums to create things we have not yet heard of into infinity. We are at the threshold of giving up apathy and skepticism.

Have you ever felt like there's nothing to do and everything feels desolate? You kinda look around and see nothing to do, or find yourself losing interest often. Well, the fact is not that there is nothing to do, actually it is that there is so much activity around you on so many levels that our minds lose focus and trains of thought very easily.

Meditation will help you master the control of your intentions and the skill of the mediums you use to go about manifesting your intentions. It will also help you focus in on your surroundings which literally reflect your own thought. It will also help you "slow" things down around you and focus on individual things at a time. It's a significant difference in your everyday life that is better than any medicine a doctor may prescribe.

Meditation works differently for everyone, but lots of air is helpful along with long, controlled breaths. While breathing, focus on just counting your breaths by counting to 4 repeatedly.

Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth like you are pushing the air out slowly. That is 1. So just do it 4 times and go back to 1. Think about nothing but your breathing and your numbers; it will break everything down to a more simplistic, subconscious level and it lets you literally see how everything works.

In this calm state of mind euphoria is abundant, we see the beauty of what is normally not noticed, and we are that much closer to heaven.

Practice your intentions in unpredictable ways. Once you gain good control of the concepts, the world is yours.

I intend that by petting my cat fluffy (a medium), my side ache will go away.



Remember when you were a kid and the world was a wonder and everything made sense to you in your own imaginative way?
You'd always see your parents worry over you and keep you from doing things that were "bad" for you, while your parents did things that made themselves unhappy. Eventually you kinda gave in because "momma always knows best" and you had to become "responsible" and "Obligated." You essentially gave your wonderful world up to an idea that was enforced because you "had to." REALLY??

What else is there to know than to just have fun? What don't we already have that we want? Why have work, chores, and obligations become what we center our attention on when it is apparent we don't like them? Has no one the imagination to see that this world will function without these weights on our shoulders? The thing that we don't understand right now is that the world would work without our direct "help" because we are trying to make things work for the sake of the system and the current ideology. Not ourselves.

We want a system to prove stable, so we push people in the direction we see the system fit, instead of allowing our ideas create the world outside of the system's overly apparent oppression.

See, we are told we can't do what we want because our ideas don't coincide with what is currently going on...therefore we are trying to freeze society in the state it is, even though change is what brought us from a primitive state to the world we now live in.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"-Einstein.

The answer I always get to these legitimate questions is, "Well, somebody's got to do it." Really? Did your parents tell you that? Society claims that these jobs are necessary for our society to work because our society is based around an economy. Well, I find it interesting that we are trying to make an economy work when it's making a majority of minimum wage people unhappy and miserable.

Screw what you are told to think, you have your own thoughts to follow and shouldn't be concerning yourself with other people's problems, even your own parents. If they are trying to tell you that you need to do this in order to that, it doesn't mean they are anymore right than you are. Isn't the point of growing up to give up beliefs that don't work for you anymore?

It's time to give up what doesn't make you happy. I'm not saying that if you are a child under a parent's roof to immediately tell your mom to fuck off because she doesn't know more than you, but your parents don't have the right to tell you that you are wrong.
Talk it over, and you will find a conclusion that works for all of you.

That's why as a society we have evolved so slowly. Long ago in history the world was more oppressive than now and religion was the basis of most people's lives in a very strict literal way. People at the time believed that was right. They weren't "wrong", it did "work", and we all "functioned." However, a few people realized, "Wow, this way of life simply sucks" and those people broke through the barrier to reveal more of what there is to see and know.
That's completely wonderful but once those people broke through, they formed another social normality. They reinstated what they had been raised with, just with a different appearance and with different conditions.
What we live in today is a great example of that.

This all relates to the purpose of questioning. Always question what you are told and never feel bad that you are questioning. Once again there is always another solution that works better for you.

Don't let someone else fill in the blank for you, no matter who they claim to be. If you follow what you know to be true and keep an open mind, nothing can really stop you. Only your own beliefs.

Bring out the child you left behind in yourself. The world will be a better place.


When you watch a movie with a dramatic murder scene and you see a person being stabbed to death by a knife, realize that it doesn't apply to your life. Once you turn off the TV, can't you see how everything "changes?" It's because you are moving away from this vicarious reality which exists in TV and going back to what you know to be true.

Don't misunderstand me, I think film is a wonderful medium to project an idea, but just realize that those ideas seem so real and so powerful because of how powerfully the directors are able to project that idea. Just notice that all the best film directors leave it open for you to decide how to feel rather than just having the characters tell you how it is, because you can say that they are wrong when you don't feel the same way =). All the best directors don't want you to have that option.

I have an experiment for you to try: next time you are watching TV, don't just watch and be told what is happening. Decide for yourself what is happening; it makes it more interesting and it goes in the direction you want it to =). So next time you are watching a violent murder scene or a car chase, remember that you are seeing it the way it means to YOU. The proof exists in the fact that we can all have different opinions about those scenes.

My intention today is to realize that I am my own influence.


Since life is yours and you can do what you want with it, experiment a little. When you are walking past people in the halls, look at their facial expressions. Really take them in. Picture their faces in your mind. Do they look happy or sad? Or both? You see that their face looks like they could feel anything. See, it's just a facial expression - it is whatever it means to you. I see everyone happy because when I talk to them the way that I see them, they will see that I am looking at them in a wonderful way and share that feeling with me. They see me the way I see them.

We are like mirrors for each other, and everything is just an idea. So what do you want to see?!? =)

Love, the unconditional

You know all those times when you told yourself that you were going to find the perfect person for you in your life?
Believe it or not, that person is waiting for you, just like you are waiting. You haven't seen them, because they haven't seen you.
Cant you feel it in the pit of your heart, that ever growing feeling that they are there and you want them so badly?
We don't give ourselves enough credit. We really have what we want and that will always continue to be so. Believe it or not, you already have that person close to you, and even just a nice gesture here and there to that person will wake up all of the joy that is waiting for the both of you :).

For those of you who have this feeling already, share your stories with people who want to be in your position because they will see that they already are =).

The wait is over.

I'll be here all week

You know those people in life that just make you want to regurgitate a hairball? Those people that know exactly how to annoy you? Well, the reality is that you are also bringing those people close to you, and that you are taking what they are saying in an annoying way.
Haven't you ever noticed how things have infinite meanings? One person could say a sentence and have 5 people hear it. Those 5 people will give that sentence their own individual meaning. I see examples of it everywhere.
So, just know that when someone is annoying you or is saying something you hate, give them the benefit of the doubt. And what the hell, why don't you just join in the conversation just to see where it can go, because really, the conversation can go anywhere you want. No one is going to complain if you confidently say what you want to say in a way that can be understood.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.


Let It Out

Say what you need to say and say it with confidence. Sometimes you hold onto pain and you don't realize it. You are able to release your tension just by "letting it out."

That can include screaming at the wall about how shitty your day was, or even just sitting down and writing whatever comes to mind. Your intention with this is very important, and I advise you not to approach this with the idea that it might not work. The fact is that it will...and once you know that, it has worked, and you are just that much closer to reaching out to yourself and the energy that works for you.

You are always in the position to improve your current situation, and just because you can improve, doesn't mean you have to or that it is even desired...just know that option is there for you =)

Examples are all around us

Try to look and you will see.

If you look for the good things in life and explore them, you will be contented. If you choose to dwell within the untrue negativity, then that is what you will subject yourself to. I know it doesn't always seem like a conscious choice, but just accept that as a possibility. The more you look, the more you will see and the more ideas will spring from what you are allowing yourself to see.

I'm currently building a fort because I stumbled upon an opening to a ravine. Before then I had my mind opened and that was what came to me. What came to me was concrete, what came to me was completely real. The goodness in life is not very hard to find, especially when it's there, right in front of you. I will post pictures of the fort when it is mostly complete. Since the idea of the fort can go anywhere I will never really complete it. In that I learned that good things don't have to have an end, it's up to you =).

Try this...It will wake up more parts of your brain.
Draw a red smudge with your marker on a blank piece of paper. Now focus and see that there is green in the red. If you focus enough, can't you see the green? I can. If you can't see it, then don't give up, its absolutely there.

To take it a step further, just attach the word peace to green, and your current negativity to the red. once you begin seeing the green, that brain manifestation will take it a step further to making it actually happen. The goodness is already there, just see it =). Now obviously peace is an abstract concept, but once you think about what green and red actually mean, then you realize those are abstract concepts as well.

You can choose any combination of colors to draw and see.


"Concrete proof"

I am here to establish and spell out the connection of mind and matter with two mathematical equations...It is not difficult to understand.

First there is Einstein's E=mc2. This equation in short says, "All matter," which means everything that you can see, feel, hear, smell, taste, or in any other way sense, "is simply energy condensed to different vibrations, and it appears in different forms." With that we can distinguish the appearance of a chair from a carpet. They essentially are the same thing when talking about energy.

Second there is an equation that I received in a dream and one that ties the marriage of mind and matter together. Before simply saying "the equation," I'm going to explain the idea behind it. Imagine the space in the palm of your hand is filled with energy. Just see it as one unit of energy in the space of your hand, like a ball, for instance. Next imagine that ball splitting in half. Then imagine it splitting in half again and again and again. No matter how many times you split it up, you will never run out of energy in your hand. Therefore, there is an infinite amount of energy in your hand. Try dividing 1 until you get to zero...you can't. You can divide it an infinite amount of times and it will not touch zero. 1 is infinite as well, just like that single ball of energy in your hand.

Ok, it's not the easiest thing in the world to imagine infinity. I realize that, but that's the beauty of it. We don't know its limits yet. I guess the other beauty is that we never will. There is no zero, just an ever growing infinity in an infinite direction.

So with an infinite amount of energy in your hand, can you see that there is also an infinite amount of space in your hand as well? Basically, if you have an infinite amount of infinitely small pieces of energy, it can fit into any space that you can imagine, and that's true. Therefore, based upon science, space is an illusion.

Now on to the equation. Negative infinity and positive infinity equal all real and all imaginary numbers. What that translates to is the energy in your hand can be anything you want it to be, just like the life you live. Your life is all energy, and you are experiencing what you want from the energy you are given, which is infinite.

You can experience what you want, and you can see what you want. The world is yours as well as everyone else's. We have an infinite amount of space, time, and most importantly love. Follow your heart and watch your imagination unfold. There will always be enough room for you.

You are free.

Have you ever felt limitation with what the world appears to be? Have you ever felt shoved in a box and "put in your place" like a puzzle piece that is part of nothing but a boring puzzle? Well, you are totally in control of how you feel, and everything that happens to you in your life happens because you "want" it to happen.

Although it seems unbelievable to suggest that everything that has given you pain has been of your choice, it is true. Because your mind is so powerful, it has its way of finding a way to grow. Because you want to grow, you find yourself in positions that seem painful. Technically, every single thing you think is within your control, and therefore, nothing can truly be "bad" or "evil."

Have you ever fallen down with great force, and not been hurt? And, have you ever fallen down barely at all, and felt pain throughout one area of your body? Well, I have news for you: physical pain is an extension of your emotion. That's how powerful your mind is. You fell really hard and did not feel anything because you were in control of what was happening, and you knew that before, during, and after you fell. When you fell not-so-hard, your mind was telling your body, "Oh hey, you fell, time to start hurting." You are telling yourself you weren't in control and that what just happened to you was "bad." Really, all you need to do is realize that you just fell, it is what it is, and there's no reason to worry yourself about it. If you know that the pain from the fall will pass away soon, what's the point in waiting for it to get better? When you are in control, you can make that pain go away that moment. So next time you hurt yourself physically or emotionally, just realize that you are in control and any pain is simply an illusion.

I must ask that you refrain from being too skeptical if this does not work immediately. The more you emphasize your attention on it, the more progress you will experience. Practice makes perfect, and that concept does not have boundaries.

I intend that today I will pay more attention to what my pain is trying to tell me and gracefully learn from it because I deserve nothing less.


How do you know it's true?

We are faced with "facts" on a day to day basis that sometimes conflict with how we feel. Did you realize your feelings have their own basis in reality? Did you know you can't be wrong? There is no absolute right or absolute wrong (the way I see it) and even though something appears to be someway, there is ALWAYS another way of looking at it.
Here is an example of a "fact."

Smoking causes lung cancer. Ok, we've seen examples of that where we can relate to it. That's very true. Who's not going to believe that those people laying on the operating table getting tumors pulled from their body didn't get cancer from smoking when some statistic can jump in and fill in the blank for us. "Studies" show us that cancer is caused from smoking. True, but I have a question for all of you: were you there to see those studies? Can you trust that beyond all reasonable doubt smoking causes lung cancer? Do you know really know that the doctors who tell you that's true actually know anything about each case of cancer, and truly understand the chemical nature taking place there? Are you sure that those statistics are accurate? I for myself have decided that disease is an illusion, and we as human beings are strong enough to get through any obstacle as long as we can see that it is possible. We can see anything we want... So what do you want to see?

I'm not asking for any particular answer within these questions. Once again, you can't be wrong.