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The past, Fears, and your (my) negativity.

Every time you look back at your past and think about all the bad things that have happened to you, doesn't the appearance of what happened to you get in the way of your vision? The struggle we currently have exists in the fact that our vision still doesn't seem as real as our sadness and our struggles. I could write all day in this blog until my fingers fall off about how wonderful life is and how interconnected and real all of the wonderful things are...The fact is we look back in our past as if it is happening right now, and in a sense it is because the feeling of "then" is trying to push the wonderful feeling of "now" off the cliff.

As you reanalyze what you've been through in more of a symbolic or mental way as opposed to what the negative feeling you have from the concrete version of seeing your past, you literally take that negative energy which can be pictured as knots in your body out in front of yourself and untangle them piece by piece. As you do this, you will get reassurance through your own intention to feel lighter and the appearance of it in front of you. You will literally see and accept what used to make you unhappy by giving yourself a better of looking at it. Base your better way of looking at it on what other people say to you, because what people are saying is the way you are taking it, and the way you are taking it comes from you. Basically that translates into the fact that what you hear from other people is what you are telling yourself.

Your "past" is truly any negative feeling you have "right now." You can look straight at all your fears in the face and just accept them; look at them differently because that is your right, that is your choice, and there's always a better way of looking at it. You went through them, that's good, it's good you are facing your fear of experiencing it, was it all that bad? Do you feel bad now? It's not happening right now. In fact as you read this, all those bad feelings are literally uncoiling themselves in your body and you are feeling lighter. Your past is your past and it isn't real because what is real is happening right now.

You inform yourself of what is happening now because that is what proves you have control and nothing is external, it is your way of looking at it. Just yours, only yours, and nothing "external" can tell you otherwise. Your past is your friend and should not make you feel terrible, it is here to inform you to pay attention to what you believe.

Isn't it interesting that your fears aren't a part of what is going on right now? Isn't it interesting that you are also very afraid of what you are not doing as much as what might "happen to you."

As you dip your cup into your own darkness through the mediums I listed in the blog below (or any way you see fit) and take them in one sip at a time, you will realize that you are doing what you need, want, and you cannot be doing it wrong. there is nothing to be afraid of, and since we see death in our mind, (in our past) we think there is a possibility we will continue to see it, and that possibility in our own minds is the possibility of it happening. Even if it did happen, aren't you here right now?

Where you are is good, and what you are doing to deal with this negativity is good, you can't do it wrong and it only gets easier from this point on. What you knew to be true is the belief and what you know to be true is the reality. Questions are the perfect answer to breaking down your beliefs (your past.)

Remember that if you are ever told you are wrong, that is the way you are hearing it. You are experiencing these wonderful things you envision, We as humans are very skittish to push past the beliefs of before because we are afraid of change. The thing is change cannot be stopped and change is what separates you from your past and brings you closer to it. What you feel and think is what other people feel and think. The more you wriggle your way through the illusion that this is not true, the more you will realize the beauty of what you share with everyone as well as the fears of the past we all are doing better without.

For example, if you hear from bob and he says, "Jane died last week," you can assume in your own mind (my mind) that he meant Jane's body is no longer functioning and her heart rate is stopped, but that is your assumption (my assumption) from what Bob is saying, so in a way you are assuming he meant Exhibit A when he, in respect is trying to push forward the idea of Exhibit B, which actually means Jane is very much alive and is doing what she wants as we speak. See, we can change how we look at things, because that is what we see. Bob, is living in Exhibit B, while you are living in exhibit A (which is basically an assumption of events of the past.)

The thing as human beings is that we are very stubborn to give up beliefs. One of the beliefs we continually deal with is the one that everything is external and we have no control over anything, another is that we do have control and we are constantly doing terrible things to ourselves. Neither of them are true, no one wants them to be true, and so they aren't true.

It's all up to you. Your visions are real as the car you drive everyday or the warm clothes you put on everyday because they are your vision as well. Remember that if you have a vision in your head that hasn't manifested itself or at least hasn't appeared to manifest itself, it is in fact manifesting and you are going to see more and more of it. Once you get there, you will realize that it was always there and you never really had to wait. That's why your life flashes before your eyes before you "die" Everything is happening all at once (Past, Present, Future) and the beauty of life is that you get to slow that down and watch it all happen. Experience every moment in detail for as long as you want.

That's why I urge you (myself), as well as myself (you) to give up that anyone (yourself) is going to call you crazy for what you (I) believe. When you turn the You into I, you come up with some pretty interesting things. When you see that no one is accusing you, and no one is rejecting you, that reality will be there for you. Dealing with the negative side that those things may happen helps you connect and establish what is true for you (I) in the now and what is not. Just share thoughts with others (yourself) and you(I) will see that we all feel the same and we, as a community (as an individual), are letting go of our (my) fears.

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  1. now i know what you were trying to say earlier today. (the whole we will rise thing was mostly bullshit though, i mean i do still believe that can't just base our lives around the present, we must look to our future too. Joy is something that we humans can't always have, because of our creation of civilization. You see civilization enforces us to try to get its money which means we need a job. The better the job the more money we make. we humans made this monster in hopes that we could always be happy with new technology and crowds of people. Our hopes were simply childish and since the creation of the civilization monster have learned to play by its rules. you cannot try to constantly make life fun or the monster will simply consume you, but you cannot spend all your time trying to get its money or civilization will make life a hell for you. No it wants you to balance fun and work. It wants you to get a job and fight a war. We humans can't kill the monster but we can atleast starve it of warfare.