Hello =)

Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


Leaving behind past problems FOR GOOD!!!!

Ok, so we've seen pain and disease as real in the past, so how do we make it an unreality now?

That's the question I've been trying to answer myself and there is no one answer. There is only the truth that you innately hold closely to yourself. The truth that you know deep inside what is best for you and that life is a friend, not an enemy. You have to choices and that is either to trust or not to trust the appearance around you.

If Everything appears great, you are showing greatness, and trust is very easily attained there or is there because of trust.
If Something appears wrong or terrible in your life, there is no trust there and you have not formed trust in that area of your life.

We as humans assume everyone can hear what we are thinking and saying and doing, and in a way that is true. However, when we only look in other people for things we've already found in ourselves that appear to be negative or painful to us, we are stirring up opportunities for us to work towards something better. We've been doing this for years now, and it's time to realize we are individuals and very unique to ourselves and very important to the other experiences that have bonded with us.
So, all that means is, when we look with an open mind into the minds of others, we are wanting to see the unique side of others that we haven't discovered about ourselves yet.

Once you've seen someone else's perspective and seen it in a positive light, you've freed yourself a little more. We are already free and we are enjoying each moment we move through this process no matter how much we may choose to think otherwise sometimes and I think that we are going to start seeing a lot more wonderful things come to all of us. These things will be very unique and styled to suit whoever you are in that moment for as long as you want.

We are now manifesting something we can grab onto in life and using it as a tool in day to day situations. Other people are becoming aware of this as well and you are beginning to see this. We are just finally DOING what we want and our visions that we've been intending to see are rising to the surface.

We are also teaching ourselves to look at our negative moods and our negative events as blessings. They are just negative, and I think we can handle it. We are at the mercy of nothing because there is no us and them or Us against them. We are just an ever expanding consciousness that is focused on love and our over complications of that love has brought us crashing down time and time again because we've referred to the other in disgust when really we were just referring to our own selves.

Be aware of everything you experience as a thought. That thought was one that you had in the past and you are experiencing it now. So, take the time to see in this moment what it is you want to see in your future and one day you will experience that thought as you are now experiencing your past thoughts as your reality right now. =)

It will come when we are ready. That feeling is here and you can push towards it with any means you want and experience it right now. Just know that there is nothing battling you or breaking you down. The only thing that could be is Maturation and Sincere Help.

I love you all,



People. They are everywhere, and very unavoidable. Even the ones I prefer less. So, how can I make that situation work out peacefully? How can I build a great mutual understanding with everyone?
I think that understanding is already there and that mutual feeling is as well. Perhaps it's my anticipation that the other person will not like a part of me or notice something about me that I notice as faulty. What does that do? That's a very emotional thing to hate yourself or another person.

We can reach out to another person to validate something we don't like about ourselves. It's interesting how accepted this has become. We don't even have to reach out. A lot of times that thought is in our mind before we even come into contact with anyone on a day to day basis. That thought is so old, and so hard to notice that it's amazingly hurtful when it rises to the surface.
The thing that I want to say about it is that it is a good hurt. That hurt that you feel emotionally is a way to release those memories that caused that thinking. From whenever it started.
That you have low-self worth
That you have been abandoned and lessened.
That you Abandon and make people feel worthless.

It's all in our head. and in the past. Lets leave the past where it was and make the future great. If you don't feel that way, there is resistance inside you in this very moment and it's actually very easy to relieve. Your life will change the minute you step away from that resistance. Because once you learn to stop resisting, you are not resisted in any way. Therefore there is no resistance simply because we don't want it. No one does, it's not comfortable or necessary.

"Well What if I was being murdered?" "Can I resist then?" ...if you think you are going to be murdered make yourself safe, whatever it takes. Don't feed into it emotionally because that will bring that situation to you. Just breathe and look for signs of help, and guidance. IN that moment you will have just enough time to do what you want and what you think you need to do. In that moment you are not separate from all that is good.

Stop thinking about what you're worth because you are priceless to anyone you are willing to be open and friendly with. No exaggeration. There are no dick heads, or assholes...that's an ego-generated thought that exists because we have allowed it to exist.
People are the most emotional thing you've ever come into contact with and letting the pain of this ancient knowing pass through you without resistance is what will give you the willingness to shine through to others and they will do the same in their different way. In a way that we can all balance each other out perfectly.

Once you realize this, you will be in a state of happiness. Releasing this one last fear from ourselves beyond all others will free us from unneeded thinking and allow ourselves to focus fully on our vision. With or without "people" in them. =)

Just imagine scenarios of someone hurting you in some way. What feelings are brought up? What realizations about your actions on a day to day basis are you taking to avoid these events? Do you even realize that you've created the idea of the event and so it is there...You are just scaring yourself and some people become so emotionally involved in it that it becomes the norm, and it also becomes that subtle inner negativity we are all trying to release.
We can release it right now, I'm not saying we are suffering, I just think we'd be better off without those worries getting the way of every day tasks that would be much more fun without your own negativity. Just realize the negativity as a thought and everything good as what is real, and you will surely reach a point where negative thoughts are also positive in some other way. We just have to step back a little to let things change.

I now understand that the very reason for having those thoughts is the very reason I'm trying to avoid them. But when I say avoid, I don't mean oppose them. I don't mean integrate them into your world, but to let them pass over you as just a thought. You don't know what is going to happen in the future and you can choose to know that your future will be kickass and it will be. You can even predict events you want to happen in your future. There are no boundaries. Do what you want and fuck the rest.
You don't have to Try to be yourself. If you intend to TRY to be yourself, it wont be as effective as intending to BE yourself. One satisfies the ego, and one satisfies you.
You, whoever you are. You are much more important than your ego.


Enthusiasm and its effects

Warning: this may make you aware.

It's really interesting to see where people's interests are at their peaks during each day. We each have our own favorite activities such as music, business or sex but what goes on during the rest of our day? Isn't it weird that you can notice gaps or lapses of time when you might as well could have been sleeping?

This phenomena which I've observed in my overly ridiculous amount of free time is just intriguing to me. Have you ever tried to be AWAKE throughout the entire day? Aware of each and every little thought that's going through your head? Or do you just kind of go into auto pilot and let your conscious mind run its routine?


Get out of bed, take shower, shave, put on clothes, grab suitcase, quickly finish a paper, run out of the door while almost falling on the threshold, jump into car, drive to work with radio on halfway, get to work, find your parking space, get into your office, try to be friendly to that person you don't like at work, go to a morning meeting.....etc until the end of the day.

Ok, so you have a handful of events that you can recall throughout your day. Cool. Now what? I'm sure you must be wondering at this point where I'm going with this phenomena, and here is precisely where...

We do a lot of things simply for the sake of Doing them...where life becomes this redundant cycle that gets harder and harder to leave. That's the appearance.
The reality of these motions and these activities are actually more significant than we are now aware of. When we just assume we are doing a useless activity and we HAVE to do it, that's about the biggest waste of time you can give yourself.
When you thoroughly enjoy each thought that is brought from an activity you are doing, that is when you are doing your life's work, not someone else's.

Why do we just Do things for the sake of doing them? Life roles..."I'm a BANKER." -role..."I'm a teacher" - Role.
They are all roles and tell nobody anything about what you do or who you appear to be. They are the label at the surface of what you do that can be easily eroded away by some other name someone comes up with and in itself is worthless to you or anyone else.

Surprisingly enough people do pursue roles just for the title. Just for the "experience" of looking in the mirror and saying to their physical self, "I am this and that." And that's good, I applaud you, if you are happy then I am happy. End of story, but never hesitate to drop that role which will not last longer than your own toleration of being a role.

Where does this all come down to? You should love what you do, each and every part of your day. You should love how you feel physically and emotionally while you do it and feel like each day you come away with many new things. That your hobby changes with you and is praised by others just as much as you praise others for their own individual hobbies.

We are creators. That's a big bite to chew for us at this point while we are still understanding the nature of creation, but it will get easier and easier. The thoughts we have on a day to day basis have already been simplified and easily sortable.

Thoughts that rise to the surface, actions that you do or someone else does, and events through the day are reflections of yourself. Each and every part. You can make them shine. You have those very detailed feelings and thoughts under your command. Allow them to relax with you as you relax in the comfort you create for yourself.

Once you have those events under your metaphorical fingers, your enthusiasm will engage a whole new awakening in your life. You will know as it these moments hit you. It's the most wonderful feeling ever.


There I am

I wish there was some way I could reach out. Feel something I don't know about yet. Let my body, mind, and consciousness be overrun by it now. Be defined by it, and know nothing else. Be reshaped by it and never come back. Be it, and save it as a place I can wander when I'm cold. A place to wander when I'm shattered. A place to run when my face has melted into my hands.

I want to stand in heaven and look back at myself and see my suffering as perfect. See it as a good feeling. Feel the leeches infest my skin, feel the roaches crawl up my legs and let them dig. Let them dig.

Let the viewers of this blog see the writer as insane but looking for something. Looking for something they've lost too. As if something can be disconnected from us. As if something can infest our body and take it over without our wanting of it. With this expectation that leaves us with nothing to drink but the hard dry air.

Cracked throat, and cold skin here I'm crawling there to look back at where I've been.
Helping myself, Lose myself, love myself, Whatever I am
To live and breathe and climb out of this fuckin whole once again.

Change now, Change now Goddamnit.
I don't even listen. I can't see, or feel. What does it even mean to me?
What am I stirring up? What have I put my hands into?
It must be safe, I've just never been.

I must allow myself to put myself somewhere new.
That's all I am and all I can be... Who I am.... Whoever that is.

Would I do it all again?


Yes, I started this blog by laughing.

I love making mistakes, it is a way for me to see myself as less than I thought I would or possibly could be. Is that healthy? I don't know, I probably could use some psychiatric help.

Now schizophrenia, what a problem there. I'm not sure how good it is that I'm discussing it so lightly, but hey, I never thought those cold confined mental institutions who treat them like they are mentally ill actually gave them too much psychiatric relief. I guess it would be kinda shocking for everyone to wake up and realize schizophrenia is just something humanity has made up for the benefit of torturing ourselves.

Torture, there's a good one. Being held down while someone or something demoralizes each every part of your being. Mental, or physical? I'm not sure, what difference does it make? What do you leave from an experience of torture with? or without?

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease. Hmmmm, since I love offending anything mainstream, or all that is good. I'm just going to go ahead and say that diseases are excuses. Excuses to give up this world we know we can do something in but never choose to. Let's occupy ourselves with something that will cause physical discomfort until the end of this pitiful existence, that's about the same right?

Hahaha, if any of this caused any discomfort like it did me...then that's good. Pain is a sign of healing, and I just thought I'd give you a head start.

Discomfort is an interesting topic and something everyone deals with. But why? Why Liam? WHY?!?!? I don't know actually. I just think it is interesting we decide to feel that way. It is completely a choice to feel that way, and for that matter feel discomfort as a bad thing rather than an indication of something else. What is this something else?
That next thought
and that next thought
and that next thought.

When something comes to your own mind or attention, it is there. It is definitely alive and breathing. It is there, so what do we do when an indication of something bad comes our way? Well, in essence nothing is bad or there to attack you. So if you are perceiving something as an attack or a threat, you want to be attacked or threatened. Weird huh?

Well here is one huge HUGE illusion we are constantly facing on a day to day basis. It is this idea that we have to keep breaking down the next thing and the next thing and the next thing only to find ourselves no farther. And that's true. We don't go anywhere or do anything once that thought is in our mind. But what does that mean? Where are we trying to get to that we haven't already been?

Future goals, are the goals of the present but in a pending process. Meaning the accomplishment of that goal has been well manifested in quite an array of ways the minute that thought, or the awareness of that accomplishment has come to us. And so, what does that mean? What is the purpose.

I don't mean to sound shallow, but that's the way I am, so that's the way it comes out. Take any accomplishment you have made in your past or your present or one that you will attempt at and just throw it away. Just burn it, just give it up, find the deepest hole in the earth and drive a burning semi-truck into the hole to crush your accomplishment down into a thousand-million pieces. Demoralizing isn't it?
Well in truth, are you less without it? Your dreams, your hopes. What are you without all that crap?

Good, you see, we are not what we have. We are not our body, we are not our things, we are not our accomplishments, Or our thoughts, but the essence inside the purest forms of those things. Well, not really inside or around, but of them.

There is a tidal wave coming, one that will wash away our dishonesty and our attempts to distance ourselves away from all truth. Yes, I am calling for this world to be washed away, but not the essence of it. Just that next layer of ourselves. That selfishness we see in ourselves as well as others, and that hatred we've been able to justify for much to long. How can you want to hurt and expect yourself to be distanced from that impact? How can you throw a punch and forget? How can you ignore that smile and expect happiness when you smile yourself? At what point do I look at you and see the most beautiful person I've ever seen?

But maybe I'm just crazy....


Find the thought

Trace everything back to its source of information. To that next level of memory. When you feel sad or diminished by a past experience (the only experience we've been able to refer to) it pushes you back again. It sucks. Yeah, but it has an end. Our problems are very limited to what has happened while our Prizes are existent in an infinite future.

Express those feelings. Just let it out in a way that you can look back at the reaction. Writing and drawing work well. It's very emotionally changing to look into your own shadow and bring negative thoughts to your awareness, to the now, and feel them in a better way. In the same way, but with a better understand of its TRUE nature. What is it's truest nature? The conclusion you decide to end with. Oh, it must be this, and so it is.

I am right in saying that the positive side of ourselves are very much connected to the negative. If I wanted to, I could quite easily look at every good thing that's every happened to me and consider it to be negative. But what does that even mean? It's positive, it's negative, it makes no difference what you call it it's what it is. It's there and it is a conclusion of your own thinking.

Start stirring up those endless conclusions we've all gathered up. Confront the most negative of your feelings. The Darkest, the Oldest, The Scariest. Write them down, and allow your present moment to rid itself of the Label which means nothing in the face of true existence.

Every part of your day is a candidate to dealing with these emotions. It's amazing that in just one second of our existence we could find every thought of everything in that moment.

Life is tough, mean, ugly and everything else. Relieve yourself. stop resisting yourself.


This is funny

I just realized that life is funny. It's just funny. It's funny that I've been taking it so seriously. If I just relax down into things, those things will lift me up. I'm going to be myself to everyone that I meet and they will receive me for who I am in a way that is perfect for that moment. I know what I want and the God inside me is pushing me along. I've shifted into this new realm of peace and understanding. I'm not going to anticipate anything negative. haha, I'm not anticipating. I just know what I want and the level of amazingness of that thing will be unknown as long as I want to keep it a secret. So with that I know it is so amazing that it's depths of spirit could never be defined. It is myself.

All I can ask for is to see myself as one with now. One day I'll take a look again and see the progress I've made. But now, I only seek to enjoy and be fulfilled by my wishes. I'm done breaking my own bones over the odds, I'm just going to go for it. I love this place, I love the people in my life, and I know they love me. That's all I need. There is my conviction, there is my life. I have nothing to lose because nothing belongs to me, which makes everything I come into contact with mutual and as loving as I (they) can be. It's all by our own choice and because I want something, I have it. That's the power of love.

We love ourselves so much that anything we identify as part of ourselves is considered us, but it is not. It's all external, even this body. It's all real and concrete. we are now just seeing that whatever we reach out for will come to us and we shall be fulfilled by reaching out even with doubts. Doubts don't have any value to us and we don't need to be afraid to say it. If you want to give a doubt the benefit, do it, if you'd rather have it the other way, then just go for it and just chill out while you do.

If you choose to feel better about what you do, what happens to you only gets better. You choose to do something different and so you feel better. Those people that see you in the light you choose to show yourself in will look many more times than once. They will join you because you've found yourself, they have done that too. You are awake with them and your conscious journey with them will be endless.

We are now mating our soul with this reality and there is no rush to do it. We can make progress whenever we want and progress will lead to more fulfillment. The more we trust ourselves the more we can trust each other and it is also the other way around. Just trust everything will work out and it will.

I trust myself in saying that today is going to be a wonderful day. No matter what happens.

Finality and Triality

Everything just is. WE have hit dead center. Triality. Now that we are clear of all past fears and future uncertainty, we can begin to take in only good, for that is all we have been taken in from the beginning. It used to be startling, but now that we are aware and awake the past is gone. I intend that Life grows through me the way I, not my ego, wants to grow. I know the universe understands my message and I intend that in this moment and from now on this change is here. I will teach that myself that through enthusiasm I will get just what I want and all it takes to be enthusiastic is to want to be. =) from here I shall manifest my life the way I prefer. Thankyou

This is going to be a long one

I picked up a book on Friday, A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and it had some really good important points. The whole thing was great actually. I would like to summarize some of those points in my own words.

Being in a physical world, with established thought patterns, and attachment to physical objects we have established dependency on "things." For instance, an expensive watch. Now, you wouldn't be less without it, but seeing that watch being stolen from you might be something you would react to. How do you handle a situation like that? Where you aren't sure what to think, or do, or say.
First, you must accept that it happened, whatever it is. And second to react to it while seeing exactly what your reaction is in order to passively be aware that it is just a thought.

Life is designed to show us the next step of wherever we want to go. It is also designed for us to live freely and to do what we wish. The situation that is happening now is the perfect one for you, no matter how negative you feel. It is the next step in every direction you want to go.
However there is that voice calling from the background saying "Don't that believe that, you know it might not happen." And that is what all doubt is derived from. The Ego. The voice that enjoys struggling and loves more than anything to see you react negatively.

How do you handle this? well I like to do a few things. The first one I really like is a clever argument back at that thought like "...And if it doesn't happen I'm sure whatever else is coming is good." Or. "Is that so?"
Every time you give yourself a conscious moment like that where you consider only the side that works for you and give the uncomfortable feeling a kick in the ass, you literally bring more Acceptance, Enjoyment, and Enthusiasm in to your life. Most importantly you bring more space into your life.

Ok, so we have the Ego and Your Spirit, two things that have been meshed together by being put on this planet in physical form. All form is Ego, even happiness is ego. Anything that can be considered a thing is the ego. So, when you refer to anything, you are referring to the very reason we are here. To experience things in form.

Now, spirit on the other hand is being. It is our intuitive nature and what prods us forward to succeed. The only reason we get out of bed in the morning is the HOPE that something good will happen today. All positive is spirit, however, It is difficult to relate to spirit when the interpretation of spirit is changing with our individual perception of it. So, When you want something, you want the spirit of the thing, not the thing. Now, the difficult part for us is to bridge those two concepts together, How can I have the spirit of something that I don't have yet? And could possibly lose? Well once you've gotten that far, you've automatically and subconsciously said to yourself, I have this right now.
But who kept on talking in your head? The ego. The spirit gave you that thing right then, just as you asked for it, but that purely, and well understood message got ran the hell over by a semi-truck with the ego laughing in the front seat. Don't use a negative feeling to get a thing, because you will only get the thing that is in vibration with the negativity.

Ok, yeah that kinda sucks. We've been allowing this for too long. If we want something to change, we have to change our thinking immediately to this. "If what I want is here, and I just can't see it, then right now I do because I am aware of my own thoughts. The ego is the thought, the spirit is the realness in everything. Everything you feel on any level is spirit expressing itself through form.

If you don't like something you hear, or read, or witness, you have an infinite amount of ways to deal with it. The best option is not how you can fix the problem, but to see it as an opportunity to see yourself in the place you are meant to be in this moment. It's a change, it's a mix up of your "facts" and it's really ok that we don't know anything. The minute we put space into our life, we attract our spirit closer to us. The minute you can feel the essence of just being, without any thought, the closer you are to bringing the only thing that is missing from your life.

So imagine our lives as computer code. just 1's and 0's. now this is a bit of a barbaric and simplistic outlook of this living process, but it is a good skeleton for us to examine it. So, lets call 1's form and 0's space. Right now at this point in time, you have have the perfect balance of them and you can never get an imperfect balance. It is just the balance that you are comfortable if not enthusiastic about. However, I can guess that most people on this planet operate with a much larger amount of 1's in their life. They are focused on the objects in their life and identify the feeling and function of each object as only within that object. Not in their minds.
The inclusion of Space within our flurry of 1's creates a space around each form, or interpretation of a single form that is in our life and literally allows us to see more of an infinite picture within the form that exists. What does this do? it expands us from the inside out. Life can expand by reaching out for something with the intention of happiness and pure joy, but now we are seeing the easier option of simply reaching in.

We are starting to realize that Life is playing us, the song. We are the game and life is playing us. Believe it or not, you've never made one choice in your life to do anything. You are just attracted to the moment that is now. The Ego is good in that sense, when it is not taken so seriously. Even if it is taken seriously it is your choice. Without the Ego, we would not be in form and therefor I wouldn't be referring to anything because not a form would exist.

When we reach for infinite space within us, we are asking for an infinitely fast rate of evolution of our feelings and ourselves. Since we are infinite we associate other infinite things in the forms of 1 or 2. All it that it takes for something to change the way we want it to is to look away for a second to let it change without our Ego continuously commenting on how it hasn't changed yet and that you should go do something else.

Once you've seen in that moment it is all just thought, you can reach out for that feeling that you want to come closer to you. You can also subconsciously push the negative feelings away into a black whole where they are reinterpreted as something good for you and everyone else. Stop expecting negative feelings, stop anticipating anything but your spirit to be your mirror.

Stop looking to the future to feel better, it will never come. Choose right now to feel better, no matter how you feel. Not just for the sake of feeling better, but for those things to come to you. Those Things that we want. The object is the feeling the feeling is the thought, and your thoughts are perfect.

Lets visualize our dreams, our imagination right now. See every good feeling you've ever felt. Whatever kind of feeling that was just let it consume your mind. Now picture a color, just one color. Sense the times that color has stuck out to you and comforted you. Do several colors. Touch something and get those peaceful thoughts that are part of the object, part of your consciousness. listen to some sound, and sense the sound in some other way other than hearing it. Feel it, imagine how that sound might taste, and see yourself as tasting that sound. I don't mean to imagine tasting it, I mean to actually taste it.
Now close your eyes and imagine clouds holding you in your place right now, you are lighter than them. You are in a place of freedom, you are always there. Your life has been a wild adventure, and now it's time to relax and to just BE. Feel that content feeling that is You. And let it give way to nothing.

As you feel more content you are experiencing the form that is in alignment with those thoughts. You will notice how people you normally never talk to or the people you know well will enter the room and be cheery or be there at just the perfect moment to go on to another adventure. Remember that your adventure doesn't go "anywhere" because you are always at home. You are always in a command with your feelings. If you feel your positive moments begin to give way to your ego, accept it and know that it's ok. It will get easier, we have gotten a handle on the fact that we have a choice of anything and that we experience any "thing." We can be in many places at once and we are. Doing things for ourselves that we want without effort. There is no such thing as effort. The only thoughts that can associate things with other negative things is the Ego. So lets put that space in there, All those 0's that will give you distance from your ego and that self-fulfillment that you are experiencing right now.

Dance, Flip off a policeman, Take off all of your clothes, you are doing what you want in this moment and it's all leading somewhere. Whatever your concern is has already been taken care of. Creating a concern just for the sake of getting rid of it is pointless, That ends now.

Every day you wake up from your slumber it will be easier and lighter. Everyday will feel like the perfect amount of length where everything that you wanted to get done was done. Each day is an adventure, so take it as such and remember to keep finding the next step of that adventure. Each step is filled with beauty from your own body and mind. the beauty is increasing and never ending, only changing, and changing with you. Everything is. The only one left to convince is yourself, and the only proof necessary is that we are all love interacting with ourselves and we all want the same thing. When all we want is everything we love, and everything we have, I say we explore them forever. Not only does it just get easier, it gets better.

The negative ego once ran our life, but now that we know that negativity isn't even negative, we now know that only everything good can run our life. Submit to it, as you are submitting to yourself.

All pain is a sign of healing
All healing has happened now.
I am in a magical world.
Let my thoughts wander into the light.


If you want to make something disappear from your life, you can. It's very simple, but first you have to stop thinking that anything is causing you pain or discomfort. It's all in your head. Choose in that moment to focus on something better, and you can. In that moment you have healed yourself. There's no need to expect a pain to still be there when you can just ignore it and allow it to disappear. In fact when you think of something better, you are changing the meaning of your pain to the greater thing you are thinking about, and by showing yourself in that moment that the pain is associated with something good, the pain becomes not pain, and therefor never was.

Think of this process as a magnet. Whatever your thoughts are focused on will be what you are attracting. It doesn't mean if you think about car crashes, you will get in a car crash. You are just focusing on an unwanted thought...How can you let it leave? well, just think about how the thought of getting into a car crash can be kinda humorous. Then all of a sudden your day has become funny. Forget the graphic pictures of car crashes and the deaths you've heard about, that's not you. You determine your future. Only positive thoughts will bring positive things. Pessimism wont kill you, but it will just leave you skeptical of anything good in your life.

Instead of being a skeptic of a good outcome, be skeptic of the one you perceive to be negative. Find every reason in the world why it is not true, and not part of the world you live in, and even see it in a better light.

This leads to another point. If you think things are going too slowly in this process of change, you are actually just not meeting the vibration you want to be on. You are running around a bit too fast. Just stop to breathe and just know that you are always held in the hands of the creator of your world.



hey everybody,

I learned something over the past few days that is very life changing.

1. Take a night walk, or an unplanned adventure to learn more about yourself, to see what you prefer as an individual and the essence of everything good inside you.

The idea is to bring up thoughts of joy, happiness, and knowing..and to leave EVERYTHING else behind. If something isn't important, let it go. We only want things that inspire every cell in our body in an infinite amount of ways. We want it all to be a perfect blend of the deepest and lightest of our thoughts. If something is important to you and you don't know how to make it unimportant just assume they are distractions in the way of a better life.

2. Empathy is not the same as caring.

If you feel someone else's emotional or physical pain, you are perceiving them to be in pain and therefore the intentions behind your actions are unclear. You are experiencing them in that state because there is some strange "fact" that keeps you from seeing a better future for yourself (and by extension, the person in pain.) The only gift you can give to any person is to see them as the reflection of heaven, and your own thoughts.

The thought of doubt is the doubt of thought.

3. Crying wont get you what you want.

I have left so many things behind me, and it was very easy to do. All I did was reach down inside to my beliefs and toss some of them away. They were no use to me anymore. Then, a little time passed and you noticed something was different, and then your next reaction was fear that something you had kept with you all your life had suddenly just vanished. And don't doubt, it has absolutely vanished because8 you are better off without it. No more ball and chain attached to your ankle. If you don't want something, just let it go.

4. The meaning of something that happened in the past constantly changes.

You can see that no adventure ends, but only continues in your mind as a memory. People don't realize that when they remember something they like, that is an invitation to experience that memory. Even more powerfully than before.

5. The thought of organizing is the organization of thought

If something appears to be a mess, just clean it up. If you choose to see nothing as a mess, then there is no mess. Haha, it's actually that simple. You will believe it when you see it.

6. Everything you have read so far will inevitably appear in your life in some form or another.


a thought

There's some very good reason for each and every little thing you do. Once you uncover that reasoning, the reason becomes better.

Who are you?

If I don't know you, then fine I don't. If I do know you, I'm sure I know a lot. Probably everything about you. If what I've constructed in my own reality is a perspective of who you are, I'm sure in one way or another it is very much so who you are. From my perspective.
June 5th, Let the universe have it's way with you. For you are having your way with yourself.

There are no victims, only pupils.

I laid in my bed and was using my ipod in the dark. The light from the ipod attracted many insects of the unknown. Now a normal person would have evaded this situation, but I, not being of the norm took my chances with god and the universe and whatnot. I let the insects crawl on me, unafraid, in my hair, on my face. I found it to be very comforting for they each found their individual place they saw suitable to themselves and I realized I had found my place as well. Previous to allowing these insects into my experience I had a headache and hurting sinuses. I, the insects, turned the situation into a good one and now I feel amazing. I know the insects do as well.

When you try to shake off the bad, you also attract more of it. Just accept it, let it take you over, let it help you. That external thing is you, and you are trying to interact with yourself in love. When someone attracts the idea of pain or death, they associate that with things that are actually no harm or threat to us. There are no such things as a harm or threat, and once you put things into a different perspective they are what we want them to be. They are our thoughts.

We don't have to battle anything off. Everything is just a mirror. if you are looking for a battle, you will get one of some kind. This universe provides lots of variety in its reactions as we do. Instead of thinking of a battle in a negative way, imagine it in a positive light and let that thought over come you. And before you know it, that positive battle has become a part of your life in a form that the universe can see you recognizing it.

This world is changing, and I can feel it.


Today, June 4th was possibly the most uncomfortable day of my life. I am healed by it, by seeing it as what I wanted. It no longer appears to be uncomfortable in the present, so it wasn't in the past.
So, now here I am sitting on my cloud once again wondering when or if another storm will be coming...if another rope will wrap around my neck and rip me off my cloud. Am I one to worry? If the universe has it that I hold myself here in this state of comfort for as long as I want, then don't I want it? Is it that this comfort now isn't enough and I just want MORE of it?

All I can do now is assume. It doesn't make an ass out of you and me because you and I both know our second guessings have left us frustrated, and burned, back down on the ground staring helplessly up at our cloud. We can only expect and look, I can only know that things will work out. If a meteor falls from the sky and splits my house in two, that's what I will go with. If my body turns blue and starts to shake I will roll with it. There's nothing else I can do.

I trust every process. I trust my own wanting, and there is a reason for it.
A very good reason at that, and now that I know no action is bad or good but only a perception I will want my perception to be perfect.


Since other people are only what we perceive them to be, you can choose to see them as good and caring. Or, you can see them as mean and ugly, it's up to you. It's simple.

Now, if you are to touch a hot stove and expect not to be burned, that may be a bit difficult to work around when your belief holds that touching a hot stove will burn you. So, at what point do we stop touching hot stoves, or for that matter even concern ourselves with touching them? I'm not saying it is impossible, nothing is, but what are we actually interested in? What is it we are looking for with this existence that's more than apparent?
When you attempt to set out to do what you wanted to do exactly the way you wanted to do it before, you don't grow. Trust each process. To give you what you want right now the way you picture it right now is ignorance of the future. This last push consists of us growing up. It's going to feel so good once we do, because all the old worries and troubles will be blessings and not what we originally wanted to interpret them as.

We are learning to work through challenges and not blame others for them. We are teaching ourselves that growing is very comforting, and it is.

Nothing bad is happening to us, we are just reacting strangely to this new found freedom. We aren't used to giving ourselves this much room, and it is bringing up some more old thoughts. This is nothing short of a blessing because all the old thoughts become new ones through the process of change.

We must roll with these changes, because we are these changes.


One last thought for you to live

Everything is a cycle, so once you turn up your past into a better way of seeing it, your future is on that same beautiful vibration. Your present quickly turns into the past and your future quickly turns into the present, yet they are all the same. So, Your good thoughts of the past become the beautiful future. No words can express the future we are about to become.


Every single thought that comes to your head is true. Trust them. Trust yourself.

palpable feeling

do things with the intention to feel good on a physical, and emotional level, or somewhere in between. that good feeling never ends and you can feel it whenever you want with ease. There is no place this feeling exists that isn't inside yourself.

Constructive ideas

To give your conscious mind a little bit of an example here are some ideas.

Before you go to work in the morning, think, "This day is going to be good, no matter how it feels right now, I want to have a good day and I deserve nothing less. The people there can be nice, and I want to see them that way. I don't have to feel overburdened by my work, in fact, I've found it fun on some occasions, and Now, I've reactivated that fond memory of it being fun so I can live it today. Right now. The future is up to me. I don't have to be late to work, why do I think I will be? haven't I thought that before and ended up there on time anyway? That belief is silly and kinda funny. I don't have to go to work, but it is my choice, and it is want I want."

or if you are willing to push your own boundaries a little...

"I don't have to go to work today, I want to do something else, and I'm not needed today no more than I need work. My bills are paid, and I have no need to worry about my house being taken away. That's ridiculous. I can see myself finding money in places I've never expected, in fact I can win the lottery. A woman I know had won it, and since I make my own luck, that option is there for me. I do know that my house will always be there regardless of how worried I may be, no one else is worrying, why am I worrying? hahaha. I'm hungry"

Or on the subject of something else...

If you have had a troubled relation with someone, just talk to yourself as if you are talking to that person. Just reason through everything that was a conflict as if that person were there. It will give you a chance to organize how you feel. That person is right there. That person is dealing with similar feelings, at that same time that day, doing the same thing you are and you both want the same thing.
To prove this to yourself as an effective tactic of working through problems with someone, just go up to that person and see where the both of you have progressed in your relationship.

Instead of seeing your house as a mess, see it as clean, but you just want it cleaner. Oh, and you don't have to clean your house, you get to. =)

Instead of seeing your car as almost out of gas, see it as more than full enough to get to the next gas station with more than enough time to stop in the snack bar to grab a snickers or something.

Instead of seeing your head as in pain, think of your head as taking in new information it had previously never been exposed to. It actually feels better now that I think about it.

Think about what is comforting right now, and you will see that everything is, once you continue each thought to the conclusion you want it to have.

Another idea

Since everything is energy, and energy exists in vibrations, and vibrations exist within all that we consider to be matter and emotion, then our dimensional shift is allowing us to feel things of lower, higher, farther back, and farther forward vibrations. Lets just say that what we are feeling now covers a certain amount of space. Well our minds are suddenly gripping the concept that there is no limit of space and time and therefor there is no limit of ANYTHING. Nor directions of experience. We have no boundaries of anything.

Our subconscious mind wants to grow so badly. It almost hurts. At the same time, our conscious mind has been a little afraid of where its brother might be going. That in itself details the release of our worries and instinct, for they are no longer needed in a world that is constantly growing in our direction. All pain will turn into comfort and this last push is actually a release in itself.

As we "slow things down" by breathing or taking the time to organize our thoughts and make sense of things, we are ever expanding onto newer levels that increase the vibration of everything towards a more desired feeling. The growing has been a little uncomfortable as it is treading new ground that is uncertain. However, we've now tread that unseen ground and it is the most beautiful thing we've ever felt so far on this planet.

That is teaching us on every level of ourselves to continue in those directions. We are now newborns again. We are children again, and instead of walking, we will fly with ease because we want to.

Imagine all of society in a bottle, then being released out into an infinite amount of space that holds everything we could possibly attempt to desire in an eternity. That is what has happened to us, you, and me. Once we start to move around in this space, it will feel like silk. Then we will start to increase in velocity in our infinite directions, never reaching an end. There is no death.

Other life forms have already achieved this in different areas of our universe, and we are just starting the transformation which will allow us to be in similar vibrations with those other life forms. We are now realizing that we can give up beliefs that don't work for us anymore.

So mind blowing.

Feed your subconscious and soothe your conscious, they will both catch on. They already have.

Here we go

If you are reading these words, you want to.
If you are feeling something from reading these words, that is the feeling you want.

Once you associate things that are happening with what you want, things that you want happen. Get it?

It's all a cycle. instinct is no longer part of us. There is no need for it or anything really.

Now that you have the connection of everything you know, see, feel, hear, smell, and taste being that of which is in your own mind, you can now focus your mind more clearly and simplistically.

Everything works on vibration. Everything. When we become aware of a perspective, our vibration is then a part of that perspective and our reality has changed. For the better. That is manifestation.

So, if our perspective is that we are getting everything we want, our perspective is constantly changing in the perfect direction, always. When our perspective changes, it is difficult to immediately experience it in the now, and that reflects our own manifesting powers.

If you want to grow and feel better regardless of any part of your life, slow down. When we rush to conclusions, we aren't feeling the now as powerfully as is desired and we suddenly associate that with a negative emotion. That's not a bad thing, it is a learning experience.


Once you make things easy, you focus less on the difficulty of creating and more on the awesomeness of the creation. That's what we want, the awesomeness in whatever way it may be awesome.


Things are only as difficult as you make them. Once you realize that you already have everything you've envisioned yourself having, the vision itself is growing with the having of it. So, if something is difficult, step back and intend to see it as not difficult, and it wont be. As soon as you let go of the belief that it is difficult, you will see that it isn't. Oh, by the way there is no such thing as cheating a process. Struggling is a part of no process, it's actually all very easy.

If you want a person in your life that you love, the appearance of that person being there may seem difficult to achieve, but its not. It's all just appearance. Stop convincing yourself you don't have that person, place or thing, and the belief that you don't have it will slip away. We actually have so much going for us right now that we might just flip out as we see it.

It all comes back to this idea of needing to struggle to feel a release. The release is what we want, not the struggle, so we aren't struggling. Deal?

Release is actually just a word for the reason we are on this planet. Release is equated to good feeling, having, and doing. No struggle attached. If you look back at your life you can easily see that you haven't struggled, and you don't plan to in the future. So therefor, you aren't struggling right now, and you are getting everything you want. Easy as pie, no struggle.

Whatever you seek, you already have, and whatever you need doesn't exist. The only choice you can make in your life is to end it. And since we now know that we've got all this right here for ourselves, why the fuck would we want to do that?

Be yourself

I'm done playing roles. That's not why I'm here.
I'm done feeling like what I'm choosing to say could be said in a better way.
I'm done seeing the people around me not accept me for who I appear to be.
I'm done using the past as an excuse to fail in the future.

If actions are just actions and events are just events, I can see them in a light that is in line with what I want. No action or event means one thing, and whatever you choose to focus on in each individual event is what you are making of the event.

If you choose to see something with a particular feeling attached to the appearance, prepare to feel that way yourself. You have all the choice in the world to feel good. When it is all up to you, just be yourself and good things will come because you are in complete alignment with yourself. No matter what happens.