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Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


June 5th, Let the universe have it's way with you. For you are having your way with yourself.

There are no victims, only pupils.

I laid in my bed and was using my ipod in the dark. The light from the ipod attracted many insects of the unknown. Now a normal person would have evaded this situation, but I, not being of the norm took my chances with god and the universe and whatnot. I let the insects crawl on me, unafraid, in my hair, on my face. I found it to be very comforting for they each found their individual place they saw suitable to themselves and I realized I had found my place as well. Previous to allowing these insects into my experience I had a headache and hurting sinuses. I, the insects, turned the situation into a good one and now I feel amazing. I know the insects do as well.

When you try to shake off the bad, you also attract more of it. Just accept it, let it take you over, let it help you. That external thing is you, and you are trying to interact with yourself in love. When someone attracts the idea of pain or death, they associate that with things that are actually no harm or threat to us. There are no such things as a harm or threat, and once you put things into a different perspective they are what we want them to be. They are our thoughts.

We don't have to battle anything off. Everything is just a mirror. if you are looking for a battle, you will get one of some kind. This universe provides lots of variety in its reactions as we do. Instead of thinking of a battle in a negative way, imagine it in a positive light and let that thought over come you. And before you know it, that positive battle has become a part of your life in a form that the universe can see you recognizing it.

This world is changing, and I can feel it.

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