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Enthusiasm and its effects

Warning: this may make you aware.

It's really interesting to see where people's interests are at their peaks during each day. We each have our own favorite activities such as music, business or sex but what goes on during the rest of our day? Isn't it weird that you can notice gaps or lapses of time when you might as well could have been sleeping?

This phenomena which I've observed in my overly ridiculous amount of free time is just intriguing to me. Have you ever tried to be AWAKE throughout the entire day? Aware of each and every little thought that's going through your head? Or do you just kind of go into auto pilot and let your conscious mind run its routine?


Get out of bed, take shower, shave, put on clothes, grab suitcase, quickly finish a paper, run out of the door while almost falling on the threshold, jump into car, drive to work with radio on halfway, get to work, find your parking space, get into your office, try to be friendly to that person you don't like at work, go to a morning meeting.....etc until the end of the day.

Ok, so you have a handful of events that you can recall throughout your day. Cool. Now what? I'm sure you must be wondering at this point where I'm going with this phenomena, and here is precisely where...

We do a lot of things simply for the sake of Doing them...where life becomes this redundant cycle that gets harder and harder to leave. That's the appearance.
The reality of these motions and these activities are actually more significant than we are now aware of. When we just assume we are doing a useless activity and we HAVE to do it, that's about the biggest waste of time you can give yourself.
When you thoroughly enjoy each thought that is brought from an activity you are doing, that is when you are doing your life's work, not someone else's.

Why do we just Do things for the sake of doing them? Life roles..."I'm a BANKER." -role..."I'm a teacher" - Role.
They are all roles and tell nobody anything about what you do or who you appear to be. They are the label at the surface of what you do that can be easily eroded away by some other name someone comes up with and in itself is worthless to you or anyone else.

Surprisingly enough people do pursue roles just for the title. Just for the "experience" of looking in the mirror and saying to their physical self, "I am this and that." And that's good, I applaud you, if you are happy then I am happy. End of story, but never hesitate to drop that role which will not last longer than your own toleration of being a role.

Where does this all come down to? You should love what you do, each and every part of your day. You should love how you feel physically and emotionally while you do it and feel like each day you come away with many new things. That your hobby changes with you and is praised by others just as much as you praise others for their own individual hobbies.

We are creators. That's a big bite to chew for us at this point while we are still understanding the nature of creation, but it will get easier and easier. The thoughts we have on a day to day basis have already been simplified and easily sortable.

Thoughts that rise to the surface, actions that you do or someone else does, and events through the day are reflections of yourself. Each and every part. You can make them shine. You have those very detailed feelings and thoughts under your command. Allow them to relax with you as you relax in the comfort you create for yourself.

Once you have those events under your metaphorical fingers, your enthusiasm will engage a whole new awakening in your life. You will know as it these moments hit you. It's the most wonderful feeling ever.

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