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People. They are everywhere, and very unavoidable. Even the ones I prefer less. So, how can I make that situation work out peacefully? How can I build a great mutual understanding with everyone?
I think that understanding is already there and that mutual feeling is as well. Perhaps it's my anticipation that the other person will not like a part of me or notice something about me that I notice as faulty. What does that do? That's a very emotional thing to hate yourself or another person.

We can reach out to another person to validate something we don't like about ourselves. It's interesting how accepted this has become. We don't even have to reach out. A lot of times that thought is in our mind before we even come into contact with anyone on a day to day basis. That thought is so old, and so hard to notice that it's amazingly hurtful when it rises to the surface.
The thing that I want to say about it is that it is a good hurt. That hurt that you feel emotionally is a way to release those memories that caused that thinking. From whenever it started.
That you have low-self worth
That you have been abandoned and lessened.
That you Abandon and make people feel worthless.

It's all in our head. and in the past. Lets leave the past where it was and make the future great. If you don't feel that way, there is resistance inside you in this very moment and it's actually very easy to relieve. Your life will change the minute you step away from that resistance. Because once you learn to stop resisting, you are not resisted in any way. Therefore there is no resistance simply because we don't want it. No one does, it's not comfortable or necessary.

"Well What if I was being murdered?" "Can I resist then?" ...if you think you are going to be murdered make yourself safe, whatever it takes. Don't feed into it emotionally because that will bring that situation to you. Just breathe and look for signs of help, and guidance. IN that moment you will have just enough time to do what you want and what you think you need to do. In that moment you are not separate from all that is good.

Stop thinking about what you're worth because you are priceless to anyone you are willing to be open and friendly with. No exaggeration. There are no dick heads, or assholes...that's an ego-generated thought that exists because we have allowed it to exist.
People are the most emotional thing you've ever come into contact with and letting the pain of this ancient knowing pass through you without resistance is what will give you the willingness to shine through to others and they will do the same in their different way. In a way that we can all balance each other out perfectly.

Once you realize this, you will be in a state of happiness. Releasing this one last fear from ourselves beyond all others will free us from unneeded thinking and allow ourselves to focus fully on our vision. With or without "people" in them. =)

Just imagine scenarios of someone hurting you in some way. What feelings are brought up? What realizations about your actions on a day to day basis are you taking to avoid these events? Do you even realize that you've created the idea of the event and so it is there...You are just scaring yourself and some people become so emotionally involved in it that it becomes the norm, and it also becomes that subtle inner negativity we are all trying to release.
We can release it right now, I'm not saying we are suffering, I just think we'd be better off without those worries getting the way of every day tasks that would be much more fun without your own negativity. Just realize the negativity as a thought and everything good as what is real, and you will surely reach a point where negative thoughts are also positive in some other way. We just have to step back a little to let things change.

I now understand that the very reason for having those thoughts is the very reason I'm trying to avoid them. But when I say avoid, I don't mean oppose them. I don't mean integrate them into your world, but to let them pass over you as just a thought. You don't know what is going to happen in the future and you can choose to know that your future will be kickass and it will be. You can even predict events you want to happen in your future. There are no boundaries. Do what you want and fuck the rest.
You don't have to Try to be yourself. If you intend to TRY to be yourself, it wont be as effective as intending to BE yourself. One satisfies the ego, and one satisfies you.
You, whoever you are. You are much more important than your ego.

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