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Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


Leaving behind past problems FOR GOOD!!!!

Ok, so we've seen pain and disease as real in the past, so how do we make it an unreality now?

That's the question I've been trying to answer myself and there is no one answer. There is only the truth that you innately hold closely to yourself. The truth that you know deep inside what is best for you and that life is a friend, not an enemy. You have to choices and that is either to trust or not to trust the appearance around you.

If Everything appears great, you are showing greatness, and trust is very easily attained there or is there because of trust.
If Something appears wrong or terrible in your life, there is no trust there and you have not formed trust in that area of your life.

We as humans assume everyone can hear what we are thinking and saying and doing, and in a way that is true. However, when we only look in other people for things we've already found in ourselves that appear to be negative or painful to us, we are stirring up opportunities for us to work towards something better. We've been doing this for years now, and it's time to realize we are individuals and very unique to ourselves and very important to the other experiences that have bonded with us.
So, all that means is, when we look with an open mind into the minds of others, we are wanting to see the unique side of others that we haven't discovered about ourselves yet.

Once you've seen someone else's perspective and seen it in a positive light, you've freed yourself a little more. We are already free and we are enjoying each moment we move through this process no matter how much we may choose to think otherwise sometimes and I think that we are going to start seeing a lot more wonderful things come to all of us. These things will be very unique and styled to suit whoever you are in that moment for as long as you want.

We are now manifesting something we can grab onto in life and using it as a tool in day to day situations. Other people are becoming aware of this as well and you are beginning to see this. We are just finally DOING what we want and our visions that we've been intending to see are rising to the surface.

We are also teaching ourselves to look at our negative moods and our negative events as blessings. They are just negative, and I think we can handle it. We are at the mercy of nothing because there is no us and them or Us against them. We are just an ever expanding consciousness that is focused on love and our over complications of that love has brought us crashing down time and time again because we've referred to the other in disgust when really we were just referring to our own selves.

Be aware of everything you experience as a thought. That thought was one that you had in the past and you are experiencing it now. So, take the time to see in this moment what it is you want to see in your future and one day you will experience that thought as you are now experiencing your past thoughts as your reality right now. =)

It will come when we are ready. That feeling is here and you can push towards it with any means you want and experience it right now. Just know that there is nothing battling you or breaking you down. The only thing that could be is Maturation and Sincere Help.

I love you all,

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