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Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).



hey everybody,

I learned something over the past few days that is very life changing.

1. Take a night walk, or an unplanned adventure to learn more about yourself, to see what you prefer as an individual and the essence of everything good inside you.

The idea is to bring up thoughts of joy, happiness, and knowing..and to leave EVERYTHING else behind. If something isn't important, let it go. We only want things that inspire every cell in our body in an infinite amount of ways. We want it all to be a perfect blend of the deepest and lightest of our thoughts. If something is important to you and you don't know how to make it unimportant just assume they are distractions in the way of a better life.

2. Empathy is not the same as caring.

If you feel someone else's emotional or physical pain, you are perceiving them to be in pain and therefore the intentions behind your actions are unclear. You are experiencing them in that state because there is some strange "fact" that keeps you from seeing a better future for yourself (and by extension, the person in pain.) The only gift you can give to any person is to see them as the reflection of heaven, and your own thoughts.

The thought of doubt is the doubt of thought.

3. Crying wont get you what you want.

I have left so many things behind me, and it was very easy to do. All I did was reach down inside to my beliefs and toss some of them away. They were no use to me anymore. Then, a little time passed and you noticed something was different, and then your next reaction was fear that something you had kept with you all your life had suddenly just vanished. And don't doubt, it has absolutely vanished because8 you are better off without it. No more ball and chain attached to your ankle. If you don't want something, just let it go.

4. The meaning of something that happened in the past constantly changes.

You can see that no adventure ends, but only continues in your mind as a memory. People don't realize that when they remember something they like, that is an invitation to experience that memory. Even more powerfully than before.

5. The thought of organizing is the organization of thought

If something appears to be a mess, just clean it up. If you choose to see nothing as a mess, then there is no mess. Haha, it's actually that simple. You will believe it when you see it.

6. Everything you have read so far will inevitably appear in your life in some form or another.

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