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This is going to be a long one

I picked up a book on Friday, A new Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and it had some really good important points. The whole thing was great actually. I would like to summarize some of those points in my own words.

Being in a physical world, with established thought patterns, and attachment to physical objects we have established dependency on "things." For instance, an expensive watch. Now, you wouldn't be less without it, but seeing that watch being stolen from you might be something you would react to. How do you handle a situation like that? Where you aren't sure what to think, or do, or say.
First, you must accept that it happened, whatever it is. And second to react to it while seeing exactly what your reaction is in order to passively be aware that it is just a thought.

Life is designed to show us the next step of wherever we want to go. It is also designed for us to live freely and to do what we wish. The situation that is happening now is the perfect one for you, no matter how negative you feel. It is the next step in every direction you want to go.
However there is that voice calling from the background saying "Don't that believe that, you know it might not happen." And that is what all doubt is derived from. The Ego. The voice that enjoys struggling and loves more than anything to see you react negatively.

How do you handle this? well I like to do a few things. The first one I really like is a clever argument back at that thought like "...And if it doesn't happen I'm sure whatever else is coming is good." Or. "Is that so?"
Every time you give yourself a conscious moment like that where you consider only the side that works for you and give the uncomfortable feeling a kick in the ass, you literally bring more Acceptance, Enjoyment, and Enthusiasm in to your life. Most importantly you bring more space into your life.

Ok, so we have the Ego and Your Spirit, two things that have been meshed together by being put on this planet in physical form. All form is Ego, even happiness is ego. Anything that can be considered a thing is the ego. So, when you refer to anything, you are referring to the very reason we are here. To experience things in form.

Now, spirit on the other hand is being. It is our intuitive nature and what prods us forward to succeed. The only reason we get out of bed in the morning is the HOPE that something good will happen today. All positive is spirit, however, It is difficult to relate to spirit when the interpretation of spirit is changing with our individual perception of it. So, When you want something, you want the spirit of the thing, not the thing. Now, the difficult part for us is to bridge those two concepts together, How can I have the spirit of something that I don't have yet? And could possibly lose? Well once you've gotten that far, you've automatically and subconsciously said to yourself, I have this right now.
But who kept on talking in your head? The ego. The spirit gave you that thing right then, just as you asked for it, but that purely, and well understood message got ran the hell over by a semi-truck with the ego laughing in the front seat. Don't use a negative feeling to get a thing, because you will only get the thing that is in vibration with the negativity.

Ok, yeah that kinda sucks. We've been allowing this for too long. If we want something to change, we have to change our thinking immediately to this. "If what I want is here, and I just can't see it, then right now I do because I am aware of my own thoughts. The ego is the thought, the spirit is the realness in everything. Everything you feel on any level is spirit expressing itself through form.

If you don't like something you hear, or read, or witness, you have an infinite amount of ways to deal with it. The best option is not how you can fix the problem, but to see it as an opportunity to see yourself in the place you are meant to be in this moment. It's a change, it's a mix up of your "facts" and it's really ok that we don't know anything. The minute we put space into our life, we attract our spirit closer to us. The minute you can feel the essence of just being, without any thought, the closer you are to bringing the only thing that is missing from your life.

So imagine our lives as computer code. just 1's and 0's. now this is a bit of a barbaric and simplistic outlook of this living process, but it is a good skeleton for us to examine it. So, lets call 1's form and 0's space. Right now at this point in time, you have have the perfect balance of them and you can never get an imperfect balance. It is just the balance that you are comfortable if not enthusiastic about. However, I can guess that most people on this planet operate with a much larger amount of 1's in their life. They are focused on the objects in their life and identify the feeling and function of each object as only within that object. Not in their minds.
The inclusion of Space within our flurry of 1's creates a space around each form, or interpretation of a single form that is in our life and literally allows us to see more of an infinite picture within the form that exists. What does this do? it expands us from the inside out. Life can expand by reaching out for something with the intention of happiness and pure joy, but now we are seeing the easier option of simply reaching in.

We are starting to realize that Life is playing us, the song. We are the game and life is playing us. Believe it or not, you've never made one choice in your life to do anything. You are just attracted to the moment that is now. The Ego is good in that sense, when it is not taken so seriously. Even if it is taken seriously it is your choice. Without the Ego, we would not be in form and therefor I wouldn't be referring to anything because not a form would exist.

When we reach for infinite space within us, we are asking for an infinitely fast rate of evolution of our feelings and ourselves. Since we are infinite we associate other infinite things in the forms of 1 or 2. All it that it takes for something to change the way we want it to is to look away for a second to let it change without our Ego continuously commenting on how it hasn't changed yet and that you should go do something else.

Once you've seen in that moment it is all just thought, you can reach out for that feeling that you want to come closer to you. You can also subconsciously push the negative feelings away into a black whole where they are reinterpreted as something good for you and everyone else. Stop expecting negative feelings, stop anticipating anything but your spirit to be your mirror.

Stop looking to the future to feel better, it will never come. Choose right now to feel better, no matter how you feel. Not just for the sake of feeling better, but for those things to come to you. Those Things that we want. The object is the feeling the feeling is the thought, and your thoughts are perfect.

Lets visualize our dreams, our imagination right now. See every good feeling you've ever felt. Whatever kind of feeling that was just let it consume your mind. Now picture a color, just one color. Sense the times that color has stuck out to you and comforted you. Do several colors. Touch something and get those peaceful thoughts that are part of the object, part of your consciousness. listen to some sound, and sense the sound in some other way other than hearing it. Feel it, imagine how that sound might taste, and see yourself as tasting that sound. I don't mean to imagine tasting it, I mean to actually taste it.
Now close your eyes and imagine clouds holding you in your place right now, you are lighter than them. You are in a place of freedom, you are always there. Your life has been a wild adventure, and now it's time to relax and to just BE. Feel that content feeling that is You. And let it give way to nothing.

As you feel more content you are experiencing the form that is in alignment with those thoughts. You will notice how people you normally never talk to or the people you know well will enter the room and be cheery or be there at just the perfect moment to go on to another adventure. Remember that your adventure doesn't go "anywhere" because you are always at home. You are always in a command with your feelings. If you feel your positive moments begin to give way to your ego, accept it and know that it's ok. It will get easier, we have gotten a handle on the fact that we have a choice of anything and that we experience any "thing." We can be in many places at once and we are. Doing things for ourselves that we want without effort. There is no such thing as effort. The only thoughts that can associate things with other negative things is the Ego. So lets put that space in there, All those 0's that will give you distance from your ego and that self-fulfillment that you are experiencing right now.

Dance, Flip off a policeman, Take off all of your clothes, you are doing what you want in this moment and it's all leading somewhere. Whatever your concern is has already been taken care of. Creating a concern just for the sake of getting rid of it is pointless, That ends now.

Every day you wake up from your slumber it will be easier and lighter. Everyday will feel like the perfect amount of length where everything that you wanted to get done was done. Each day is an adventure, so take it as such and remember to keep finding the next step of that adventure. Each step is filled with beauty from your own body and mind. the beauty is increasing and never ending, only changing, and changing with you. Everything is. The only one left to convince is yourself, and the only proof necessary is that we are all love interacting with ourselves and we all want the same thing. When all we want is everything we love, and everything we have, I say we explore them forever. Not only does it just get easier, it gets better.

The negative ego once ran our life, but now that we know that negativity isn't even negative, we now know that only everything good can run our life. Submit to it, as you are submitting to yourself.

All pain is a sign of healing
All healing has happened now.
I am in a magical world.
Let my thoughts wander into the light.

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