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Would I do it all again?


Yes, I started this blog by laughing.

I love making mistakes, it is a way for me to see myself as less than I thought I would or possibly could be. Is that healthy? I don't know, I probably could use some psychiatric help.

Now schizophrenia, what a problem there. I'm not sure how good it is that I'm discussing it so lightly, but hey, I never thought those cold confined mental institutions who treat them like they are mentally ill actually gave them too much psychiatric relief. I guess it would be kinda shocking for everyone to wake up and realize schizophrenia is just something humanity has made up for the benefit of torturing ourselves.

Torture, there's a good one. Being held down while someone or something demoralizes each every part of your being. Mental, or physical? I'm not sure, what difference does it make? What do you leave from an experience of torture with? or without?

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease. Hmmmm, since I love offending anything mainstream, or all that is good. I'm just going to go ahead and say that diseases are excuses. Excuses to give up this world we know we can do something in but never choose to. Let's occupy ourselves with something that will cause physical discomfort until the end of this pitiful existence, that's about the same right?

Hahaha, if any of this caused any discomfort like it did me...then that's good. Pain is a sign of healing, and I just thought I'd give you a head start.

Discomfort is an interesting topic and something everyone deals with. But why? Why Liam? WHY?!?!? I don't know actually. I just think it is interesting we decide to feel that way. It is completely a choice to feel that way, and for that matter feel discomfort as a bad thing rather than an indication of something else. What is this something else?
That next thought
and that next thought
and that next thought.

When something comes to your own mind or attention, it is there. It is definitely alive and breathing. It is there, so what do we do when an indication of something bad comes our way? Well, in essence nothing is bad or there to attack you. So if you are perceiving something as an attack or a threat, you want to be attacked or threatened. Weird huh?

Well here is one huge HUGE illusion we are constantly facing on a day to day basis. It is this idea that we have to keep breaking down the next thing and the next thing and the next thing only to find ourselves no farther. And that's true. We don't go anywhere or do anything once that thought is in our mind. But what does that mean? Where are we trying to get to that we haven't already been?

Future goals, are the goals of the present but in a pending process. Meaning the accomplishment of that goal has been well manifested in quite an array of ways the minute that thought, or the awareness of that accomplishment has come to us. And so, what does that mean? What is the purpose.

I don't mean to sound shallow, but that's the way I am, so that's the way it comes out. Take any accomplishment you have made in your past or your present or one that you will attempt at and just throw it away. Just burn it, just give it up, find the deepest hole in the earth and drive a burning semi-truck into the hole to crush your accomplishment down into a thousand-million pieces. Demoralizing isn't it?
Well in truth, are you less without it? Your dreams, your hopes. What are you without all that crap?

Good, you see, we are not what we have. We are not our body, we are not our things, we are not our accomplishments, Or our thoughts, but the essence inside the purest forms of those things. Well, not really inside or around, but of them.

There is a tidal wave coming, one that will wash away our dishonesty and our attempts to distance ourselves away from all truth. Yes, I am calling for this world to be washed away, but not the essence of it. Just that next layer of ourselves. That selfishness we see in ourselves as well as others, and that hatred we've been able to justify for much to long. How can you want to hurt and expect yourself to be distanced from that impact? How can you throw a punch and forget? How can you ignore that smile and expect happiness when you smile yourself? At what point do I look at you and see the most beautiful person I've ever seen?

But maybe I'm just crazy....

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