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Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


yes (part 2)

Once your mind is opened to the point of experiencing what you want, simply through thought, you will see the powerful control you have over your entire life. Sometimes it may feel like you are simply watching yourself do things as apposed to having to "focus" on what you are doing. You may find that your mind is moving in different directions, and that now, it seems like everything is just in your head. Everything.

That's o.k. because at the same time it is not. Everything is very real, and very concrete as well, and seeing that at the same time allows this perfect synthesis of mind and matter. It allows you to experience your thoughts to levels we've hardly imagined.

Once you go through the process of figuring out if you are within the boundaries of what is appropriate, you realize that nothing is improper. You clearly see that those boundaries were never really there. And then you ask yourself, why did I even question my own thought to begin with?
That's because we are giving up beliefs still, we are still draining ourselves of all that is related to evil, unworthiness, sadness, pain, and death. They are not us, so why concern ourselves with it? There's no one out there that can truly fit those descriptions either, all wrong is simply this false appearance...This untruthful label.

You are not a bad person, ever. If you feel like anyone is trying to call you a bad person, remember that YOU are seeing them tell you that. No one is trying to tell you that you are a bad person. To see them say that is just an appearance of what they are actually trying get across to you. If anyone is literally calling you a bad person, that is just their way of trying to actually tell you something else. Figure out what IT is and you will realize they didn't literally mean what they said.

If you ever feel like a bad person, that is depression. Depression is not even that bad either, and it will become a non recurring element of our lives as we heal. We can literally live in what we want, exactly the way we want it, just by looking at our ego with an open mind. Our "reputation."

When we just think about how we are going to achieve what we want, and not the "negative" side of it happening, we are literally showing ourselves that what we want is good. In fact, it is absolutely perfect.

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