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Just because something is said on TV through a "reliable network", doesn't mean it is true. In fact the media along with authority have been really good at keeping us concerned and worried about things that really don't affect us. I don't mean to suggest we are to be ignorant, but once again, how much reliability can we put into a station that may, for all we know, say things just because they want to.

We as individuals have to help ourselves before we can pretend to care about other people. Through the negativity of the media we are convinced that all these negative things are happening around the world and that we should all worry and see that the negative event is in fact occurring. What good is that doing? I would think that based on the power of our minds that would reinforce the negative situation and not a solution. When we hear of something terrible, we cannot react and see it is terrible unless that is our choice to do so. React with the intention to see a better outlook than what your first impression gave you. Just intend to hear things one way and come to a better conclusion than what you first interpreted. That is how things are fixed and the intention to fix those things are manifested.

If you believe that by watching media and seeing a better side of the situation will not work, then why do you watch the news? Are you just...waiting for things to get better?

My own overview of the world is that things are finally changing, people are starting to see what makes them happy, and we can leave all the worries behind. They aren't real. It's all just horseshit, that's what it was from the beginning.

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