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Simplifing, and slowing things down

Circular reasoning is the basis of one argument used in an infinite amount of perspectives to see if it "makes sense" in one area as much as another. Since we know that our realities can be anything, anything can "make sense." In fact all that it takes for things to make sense is to experience them. What we experience right now makes sense. Concepts (like gravity) aren't just there because you understand them, they've always been there as a perspective and you are just experiencing them now. They exist as much as they do not. Because either way (with or without gravity) it makes sense.

You need your car to get to work. A lot of people are experiencing that concept as truth, because that is what they see on a day to day basis. They should also keep in mind that there are an infinite amount of ways to get to work, and we are now just experiencing the car as our way. If You just tried to come to the understanding of how maybe a tree could get you to work, I'm telling you, it is possible. No idea is crazy. That's why we aren't cavemen, but also why we are.

If someone walked up to you and said, "I can fly, you wanna see?" what would your initial reaction be? It makes sense somehow. If you see the person as being flat out crazy, that's the reaction you are choosing to have, and it is completely fine. Just remember that they will see you the way you see them, and you'd might as well give them a shot.

Now, to see how that all makes sense, just simplify things in your mind. By now, negativity is not as much as a problem as it used to be, so you shouldn't feel too much of a rush to get from one part of life to the next because we know that next part of life isn't going to run away from us. In fact it is always running at us in full sprint. Take a minute to stretch in between things or yawn. When you talk to someone just take your time in responding, the conversation isn't going to run away.

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