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An idea about dreams...

Lets just say our dreams show us experiences that "make no sense" but we can understand them while we're still asleep. Lets just also say that when you are awake, the experience you go through makes sense while you are experiencing it but once you are sleeping it doesn't.

Isn't it strange that both experience can be considered real? Using circular reasoning I can see that dreams are just as "real" as our conscious self.

Delta sleep tapes and meditation tapes wake up the brainwaves that allow dreams to be understood through conscious thoughts. They open up this brainwave called alpha waves, and it essentially allows this synthesis of conscious and subconscious.

Now my theory is this...both conscious and subconscious thoughts are equally important because one holds your hidden emotions and one allows you to function in the world that seems more real. When you combine the two of these, you are completely aware of the self (which is everything we are experiencing.)

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