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Feel free to share your heart here, there is no judgment, there is nothing "bad" to judge within the truth. Come here to confirm you are right because you can't be wrong. We will just develop the unlimited possibilities of what we want to be right about =).


Useful ideas

There is no limit to the concepts your brain can hold and attach to your environment. There will be a point where our focus is our only "concern" and our greatest ability. Our focus allows us to live because what we are experiencing in this moment is what we are focusing on. It is relieving to be able to focus and everyone is able to do it (All those who have been diagnosed with A.D.D. have been lied to, trust me, I'm a doctor.)

So, with new concepts that we can literally live inside, our only tools for life that I can identify at this time are a willingness to put ourselves into a comfortable open mindedness, and depth we can put into each thought we want to experience. The longer and the more we put ourselves into each individual thought, the stronger it becomes. You can leave a thought and come back to it at any point in its development, I recommend you just think of it like your own creation. Feed it, and it will grow. smile at it and it will smile back with a life of its own.

To put it simply, what you do physically is your thought. When you are making coffee, you are thinking you are making coffee. What we as humans tend to do is over-complicate each situation by letting our mind wander away from the task we are trying to achieve. You'd be surprised the amount of emotional depth in making a cup of coffee. It can make your day.

What we do in each moment is perfect and the more we focus on what our physical body is doing and trying to achieve, the greater our thoughts are connected to our physical body and our environment.

An example of this is walking. We as humans totally take walking for granted, but it can be an uplifting experience. I notice that people have a hiccup in their step because it's like they are too busy focusing on other things. When you gently roll your feet, and use your knees as shock absorbers, walking becomes really, really cool. When you experience something as simple as that in a cool way, it is pure joy.

Have you ever wanted to fly? Can you imagine yourself flying? That's literally all it takes to fly. Personally, I think it would be bad ass to fly. So, when I referred to attaching the focus of your thoughts onto what your physical body is doing and what your physical surroundings are, I mean associating your physical self with your thoughts. When you attach your subconscious (the imagination of flying) and the conscious (your body, and physical surroundings) mind together, you are there.

It's interesting to think about what we individually believe, because everything we accept as a fact has exceptions. Every exception has an infinite amount of scenarios to exist in, and therefore, the exception has become a fact of its own. It's like a cycle.

Our earth as a whole is slowly but surely realizing there is no one answer to things. This, for me, to begin with was very scary and I felt afraid of what "could" happen because of the chaos in uncertainty. Now, I realize it is not uncertainty but just my own individual focus on worrying. This whole process of treading new ground and living in paradise is the 5th and 6th dimension of consciousness. The two energies of subconsciousness and consciousness will be dancing around each other and increasing in velocity until they are completely meshed together.

It is coming. It's going to be awesome.

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